There’s a new trend in the crown department, ladies! This one’s bound to make you feel like a princess, less like a fairy and more like a sea goddess.



Okay, calm down ladies. There’s more to see. Take your pick and start crafting, ‘cos these crowns can be DIY-ed! Sweet, right?

And there are some that go all-white.

Or opt to go *au naturel*.

If these freaking exquisite jewels don’t make you feel like one, I don’t know what will.

So get your hands on one or make it with your own hands. 😉

You can DIY, here’s some inspiration if the crowns above are way out of your creativity and motivation:

To get your hands on your own, you can buy or DIY one.

Wear it to your badass mermaid wedding, for Halloween, on a Tinder date, or just the next time you want to spice things up at the grocery store.

These mermaid crowns will surely turn heads and can be great conversation starters. Wear them to music festivals, a party, a wedding, or to your next date. They’re so pretty I’m sure no one’s gonna judge you if you don’t feel like taking them off. So go ahead girl, bring out the inner mermaid in you and wear that crown anywhere you want.

Ariel approves!

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Rozzette Anne Reyes

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