On September 30, 1868, Little Women’s First Volume was published. The bestseller masterpiece of Louisa May Alcott is published on this day.

Jo March, the fictional character in Alcott’s Novel share a commonality with the author. Jo was the second of four daughters. She was also born in Pennsylvania and spent her early days in Concord, Massachusetts. Here, Alcott’s father, Bronson met Transcendentalists like Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau. This left so much influence on Alcott and her father. In fact, Bronson did establish a school that followed the Transcendentalist philosophies. However it did not last long as it closed in 1852 due to financial problems.

Alcott portrait Healy-s

This led Louisa to carry the burden of supporting her family. She wrote several stories to earn some money. Her first masterpiece was the Rival Painters: A Tale of Rome which was published in a periodical. After this, she began earning through melodramatic stories for over twenty years. She also worked as a nurse for the Union Troops in the course of the 1862 Civil War. She lived this way of life until typhoid slowly wore her down. However, Alcott did not stop writing as she turned her daily musings into a story and called it Hospital Sketches.

In the hopes of selling a story better, a publisher contacted Alcott to write a book for girls. She did not approve at first but eventually she gave her best and published the first volume of the serial novel Little Women. It became an instant hit. According to sources, Alcott wrote one chapter a day. Eventually, she was also able to write Little Men, An Old-Fashioned Girl, Eight cousins and Jo’s obys.

Alcott is a feminist and supported women’s issues during her days. Aside from writing, she kept her family emotionally and financially secured. He father died in march 1888 and she followed after two days at the age of 55.


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