Blind Spot Mirror

You’re not as invincible as you thing. Like many battle-worn warriors or on-target snipers, you have a blind spot. And we’re not even speaking metaphorically here. You literally have a blind spot, because, well, you’re a human being. In this article, we will be teaching you how to find your blind spot.

TLDR: You have a Blind Spot.

As you know, the human eye is the responsible organ for vision. It paints the brain a picture of what the environment looks like. However, like all senses, the eye has its limitations. There are things you don’t see, for example, ultraviolet light, infrared light and other sorts of light within the spectrum.

Still, there is one more spot the human eye cannot see. Each human eye has a blind spot, a spot where the brain can’t identify what is there. Let’s try and do that, right now.


Here is a way to find out your blind spot:

First, cover your left eye and look at the dot located on the left of the image above. There is a cross on the right side but don’t look at it for now, just focus on the dot.

Now, move your face closer to the monitor, and then farther away. Keep on doing this until the cross disappears. Once it does, stop moving and stay where you are.

Next, close your eyes and stare at the cross. You’ll notice that the dot has disappeared.

This location where your face is right now, my friend, is your blind spot.

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Rudolph Musngi

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