This sarong-wearing student just displayed how to lead the school hymn like a boss. Why you ask? Well, the reason is simple. He rocked it like better than a possessed orchestra conductor, just loosing himself to the music.

When visitors came in at Maluafou College ins Samoa, they may haven’t expected a welcome like this. All the students were gathered in a hall. They were noisy and it seemed that there was no way to shut them up.

Until a student stands up from the crowd. He was wearing a red sarong. At first, you may think that he’s just some student who wanted to stretch his legs but when he started moving, bam! he rocked it!

Students started singing “I came to praise The Lord what about you hallelu, hallelu, hallelujah” in unison, with the sarong-wearing boy leads, and it was awesome!

This boy surely performed like a boss. He rocked to the song, just letting his body move as if he was dancing. And the beat came to him. He did not just made the students sing, he also entertained a lot of people (because the video has now had 23,651 hits on YouTube! Clearly, if you wanted to do something awesome, you need to lose your self into it and just go with the flow. Let your passion overflow from your mind and heart to your limbs and body and surely, you will do anything like a freaking boss!


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