Christmas is a few months from now and you can already feel the spirit of the holidays coming close. There are a lot of traditions in the world specifically directed towards Christmas. Some are unique to each place and some are recognized worldwide.

Kaitlin Snow and Nate Turley visited Brigham Young University campus to take some survey about the tradition of Mistletoe Kissing. They interviewed several students about their yearly Christmas traditions.

So the setup was this: Kaitlin and Nate will, in separate occasions, roam over the BYU student’s area and try to get their research subjects. They will go and approach students and ask them around five questions about Christmas. The questions mostly revolved on whether they are married or single, whether they put up Christmas lights or drink egg no. There were even questions about whether the research subjects ever leave cookies for Santa.

But the biggest questions were whether they do the Mistletoe tradition and if they are ever willing to do it if it happens. Most students confirm that they do the tradition. Only to find out that a mistletoe appears out of nowhere.

Did they kiss Kaitlin or Nate? What happened? Do the BYU students follow the recognized tradition of kissing someone who is under the same mistletoe as you? Or do they think that the tradition is nonsense?

Watch the video to find out!

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