Harry Potter is, without a doubt, the most-loved series of our generations. Almost all of the people I meet have either read or watched Harry Potter. Of course, there are a lot of people that have done both watching and reading.

But there are struggles only a Harry Potter fan will know. These struggles are commonly faced by Potterheads as they live their lives with clueless Muggles and wishing they’d be aboard the next train to Hogwarts.

Here are a few of the things that Harry Potter Fans struggle with:

Re-reading/watching the series without reciting the lines


People hate you during Harry Potter marathons because you tend to make it a recital. But that’s okay, we all know how you loved Harry Potter!

Hating anything that goes wrong during your marathon


You just go nuts whenever there is a slight glitch with your DVDs, or when your friends take too long to eat popcorn.

Hoping for a Marauder’s Era Spin-Off


You’re constantly hoping that JK Rowling will write about your mischievous marauders.

Hoping for a Hogwarts-Founder Spin-Off


You wanna know who Godric Gryffindor, Salazar Slytherin, Rowena Raveclaw and Helga Hufflepuff really are. Like in their own universes.

Fred, Sirius, Dobby and Hedwig



Hearing an Owl’s Hoot


When you hear an owl’s hoot a song immediately plays in your head, “Hmmm.. hm… hm.. hmm hm.. hm.. hmmm hmm…) Clue, it’s Hedwig’s theme.

People getting Tired of Your Harry Potter References


You feel like surrounded with uncool people because they don’t get your Harry Potter refereces. Keep  your abnormally large nose!

There’s not Enough Time for Pottermore


You can’t work properly because of Pottermore!

Acquiring a fake British accent


You’ve watched the movies a lot of times within one day and you immediately spoke like a British bloke.

Fear of going to the Ladies’ room by yourself


You always need your bestfriend/s to accompany you. Because Basilisks live on the ladies bathroom.

Saying Lumos when turning your phone’s flash on


You softly whisper “Lumos” to turn your flashlight on and “Nox” to turn it off.

Thinking about buying a quill


Quidditch is Cancelled


Apparently, you never want to screw with McGonagall.

Thinking of Dementors When You’re Sad


When you feel sad, you look for chocolates because, Dementors.

Food never magically refills in your house


You’re totally pissed off because food in your house doesn’t magically refill and you have to stand up and get it.

You can’t see ghosts in your school


Popping its head out of the table, ghosts make Hogwarts cooler.

Waiting for your Hogwarts letter

hp cartas

Which probably hasn’t come, right?



*cries and faints*


These are only few of the struggles you face as a Harry Potter Fan. Of course these grow as you get older. Good thing JK Rowling never stops writing!

Rudolph Musngi

Rudolph is the mind that spawned this mischief. He is purely evil and loves to plot evil things. He pretends for a living. Everyday he goes to work and faces the world like he's the nicest guy ever.

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