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It’s kind of harsh when there are people beside us that constantly remind us how “un-cool” we can be sometimes. But it is heartbreaking when we realize that even cats can surpass us in so many unparalleled ways. Hold on tight to your self-confidence, these cats might snatch them away from you faster than you can say ‘meow’.


Prettier Than You



How is this even possible?

Turn The Lights Off

useful cat


This cat is more useful than you. I wonder if it can wash the dishes or do laundry.

Pianist Kitties

piano cat

How even. What even.

Sk8ter Tricks

skater cat


Skater tricks? Yeah. Straight to home.

Skydiving #YOLO

sky diving #yolo


Clearly, this cat has accomplished something in our bucketlists.

Break it Down Cat

dancing kitty


I don’t know what song she’s grooving to but she’s got the moves. LOL


braver than you


I bet that this pussy is way braver and stronger than you. Just watch her punch a buffed doggy.

Model Pussy

model cat1


model cat2


*heavy breathing* Omg. Why so sexy? *touches my fats* *cries*

Get in Tail, Get in!

hiding cat

This cutie is an expert at Hide & Seek. Well that’s if she will be able to put her tail inside the box, of course. Nonetheless, still better than you. No buts.

Kiss Like a Pro

kissing kitty


To kiss like a pro, you must kiss like this cat. Kissing and cuddling, at the same time. Yass.

Be Neo

matrux cat


You know, I think this should scare some gymnasts. Srsly.

Patience is a Virtue

patience is a virtue


I got annoyed just by watching. I salute this gray-furred cutie for staying calm… at least outside.

Ping Pong Varsity

pingpong varsity


Wow. Much power. Much skillz.

Em iShLeepy

sleeping cat

Hahahahaunfairhahaha! When we’re sleepy we have drools and we look like shit!

Play Catch



I can’t even catch anything thrown at me. No matter how close.




This puss is an expert. Better take some notes.

Sassy Cat is Sassy

drinking cat

She’s just drinking, really, but she looks perfect than any of us will ever be. Soo, yeah. Your confidence still there, mate?

Am a GamerZ

playing cat


Don’t tryna meddle with her game. That one’s made just for her and no human can ever beat her highscore.

Famous Than YOU!


celeb cattt

Ladies and gentleman, meet Olivia Benson Swift. A kitty that has accomplished great things – you can only dream of – within just months. This white-furred cutie is a commercial and photoshoot model, and a music video actress too.

Warning: The last one might somewhat offensive for Forever Alones. I apologize.

Winter Romance

christmas romance


That awkward moment when these cats have better love stories than most of us here do.

Can you hear that?┬áIt’s the sound of a heart burning in jealousy and anger.

Rozzette Anne Reyes

Rozzette Anne Reyes is a graduate of University of the Assumption with a bachelor's degree in Psychology. You can find her online, sharing funny cat videos or tweeting about her writing progress. You can follow her on Twitter at @noitszette and on Instagram at @roanrey.

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