The Internet readily recognizes Martin Freeman as one of the sassiest people alive. Perhaps, he can be anointed as the king of sass! We listed a few reasons why he is the king and no one else will probably come close. Let’s take a look.

1. He winks with his whole face.


Yup. Before winking, he turns his head a bit sideways. You almost hear the wink sound in your head when he winks.

2. He doesn’t hold back on swear words.


Martin freeman is no sailor but he knows how to curse like one, but of course he means well.

3. He always looks at you with puppy eyes


He looks at you and you just give him what he wants. Beware: don’t look at his eyes. It’s a trap.

4. He can always pull off his pre-Bilbo Baggins roles.


He doesn’t care if people remember him as John Watson, or Bilbo Baggins or some other role he played before because he knows he sassed his way into it.

5. He tries to innovate, always.


An interview will never be dull with him around.

6. He always knows how to answer the media.


Because he just knows how to answer your questions.

7. He loves himself


His love for self is unparalleled. I’m pretty sure he’ll buy anything as long as his face was in it.

8. And by that, we mean that he really loves himself.


He wouldn’t care if you’re part of a movie he stars in. You’re getting fast forwarded.

9. He forgets who Benedict Cumberbatch is


No one simply forgets who Benedict Cumberbatch is. No one, except Martin Freeman.

10. He also loves to make fun of others


In a totally funny and nice way, of course.

11. And lastly, you’ll know when he’s not happy


Yeah, this is the face he flashes when he’s with Sherlock. You think that’s acting? No. Lol.



These are the mischief of mice that prefer to keep their personalities hidden, because we don't want privy eyes to know what are they up to.

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