Cringe Moments On Television

In this roundup of cringe moments on television, ten people failed so hard they almost crawled back to their mothers’ wombs.

Do you enjoy watching assholes getting proved they are wrong? Well, it’s much better if it’s on national television, now, doesn’t it?

1. When a reporter snidely asked a congressman, “Do you have a degree in economics?”

2. When Conan used the word “snuck” and Jennifer Garner said it’s not a real word

3. When Bill O’Reilly told a guest that his numbers were wrong

4. When Johnny Carson exposed Uri Geller, a magician and illusionist, as a fraud

5. When this congressman gave a speech about how Guam may tip over if you put too many people on it

6. This US representative had no idea what she wanted to ban

7. Hope Shopping Network guy trying to sell high quality katana, accidentally stabs himself as it breaks

8. When Donald Trump was complaining about Chinese competition and David Letterman tried to sell him Trump ties and Trump shirts that were made in…China

9. When a lobbyist claimed that Monsato’s herbicide is safe to drink and the interviewer offered him a glass, to which he promptly freaks out

10. When a reporter insultingly asked, “have you been to Iraq?” to the first US female Prisoner Of War

Rean John Uehara

It's hard being a single father, but I really wouldn't know because I don't have kids. I'm a writer, web developer, cat lover, and I earn money by making people want to do things.

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