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Of all the definitions I have looked into, nothing defines a hopeless romantic like Urban Dictionary did. According to its definition of the word,a hopeless romantic is a person who is in love with love. These are the types of people who believe in true love and fairytales. Although sometimes seen as creepy, these people are actually idealists, or to be put more eloquently, sentimental dreamers – people who are imaginative and fanciful when they meet you.

Basically, these are the people who look at love as an art from. Something like calligraphy or literature that exudes beauty and idealism. When these people fall in love, they do every romantic gesture imaginable just to make their special someone happy.

Although the catch about being a hopeless romantic is that people look at you as some miserable old person who actually ‘waits’ for love to come. However, this stereotyping’s accuracy isn’t really defined or what. It’s still case-to-case.

Now, back to the topic. How do we really know that a person is a hopeless romantic? Are you a hopless romantic? Let’s look at some signs:

You are a hopeless romantic if:

You love romantic comedies and chick flicks and chick lit


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You may have read the Notebook, or watched 50 first dates a couple of times. As a hopeless romantic, these things fuel your love for love. They feed you with your usual idealistic and sometimes delusional views on love and relationships.

You get excited with romantic surprises


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You love the idea of giving (or perhaps receiving) a romantic gift. Most of the times, you’ll prefer receiving red roses than winning the lottery or you love to pull off those scenes you’ve watched from romantic comedies and surprise your special someone.

You are likely to treat non-living things with love

Kitten on shoulder

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Most of the times, as a hopeless romantic, you treat your favorite objects as if you are in a relationship with them. You don’t want your favorite book to be dog-eared or you get mad when someone dents your car. Often, you are pictured to be apologizing to your phone because you accidentally lost grip and it fell in your soft and comfy bed.

You get touched easily


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Because you are a hopeless romantic, to you, almost all people become thoughtful. You loudly (and because you find it awkward to, silently) say “Awwww” when you see or experience other people’s small thoughtfulness. You might even think that your neighbor loves you just because he told you that your lawn is beautiful.

You are a crier (sometimes secretly)


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Aside from finding everyone to be thoughtful, you are the one person who everyone knows as the one who cries at movies. And sometimes, even in YouTube short flicks and touching fast food commercials).

You always give the ‘don’t-worry-you’ll-soon-find-the-one’ advice

Visiting Teachers

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When your friends seek out for advice on relationships and dating, you always give the positive and supportive comments. You always tell a broken-hearted friend that he’ll find the one someday or to your friend who is in love that ‘don’t let him go, he might be the one.’

You love listening to the ‘the feels’ genre


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Your playlist has a lot of ‘I-am-a-hopeless-romantic’ songs that give you the feels every time you listen to them. More often than not, these songs make you cry.

You love recommending cheesy movies


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Because you have watched a lot of romantic comedies, you tend to suggest them to your friends. “Hey watch *insert movie title*. This is the best-mooviiee-evaaahh.” But honestly, it’s not.

You paint sweet-images of you and your crush in your mind


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As a hopeless romantic and an idealist, you tend to picture yourself and your crush to be spending the rest of your lives together. Sometimes, you get lost just thinking about it and you only wake up when your friends shake your shoulders asking what the hell is happening to you. PS: Don’t confuse this as sexual fantasies.

You get tongue-tied when your crush is around


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“Wheellzzz yezzz paeassss zeeeeeee seallllt phulleaassee” is how you commonly speak. Now, if you have a crush on a Klingon, chances are, he might misunderstand your request to pass the salt with something else.

You believe in ‘The One’


Photo from Mr Marakai

As a hopeless romantic you have this someone you call ‘The One’ (codenames may vary). All your life, you made it your mission to look for this The One and finally love him forever. This, sometimes, may break your heart because you tend to look at everyone as the One. And they actually are The Ones, only that they are not The One for you. Sorry to tell you that, buddy.


If you happen to be guilty of these, you probably are a hopeless romantic. But there is nothing to be a ashamed of. Someday, you’ll find The One. Trust me, I saw it in a movie (gee, I totally sounded like a hopeless romantic back there).

But honestly, you have nothing to be ashamed of. As a hopeless romantic, nay, a beautiful person, you are entitled to your beliefs and you should not let anyone change that. Do whatever makes you happy. And if that takes believing in true love then push it through. You may never know it, but maybe, someone out there’s been geeking out the same way as you do and the universe is just waiting for you to bump into each other to concoct the best love story the world has ever seen.

And it’ll be way better than Twilight.

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  1. Jane

    OMG! I am the biggest, biggest hopeless romantic. I can relate to every indication here.. God, when will i find the one?! Such a nice article, BTW! God bless the writer!

    1. Kiiki

      Jane, same here!

      I know our stories will ave the beautiful happily ever after we deserve! :)

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