Words are piercing, no matter how short they are. That is why I’ve always been fascinated with words, especially the sad ones. They area able to convey so many emotions, and are able to bring out memories.

And because we knew that you liked our article on Six-Word Short Stories, we present something even shorter, and hopefully, sadder.

I won’t keep you waiting too long. Here are a few of the saddest words ever created by man.



Almost reminds you of the things that could have happened but didn’t. It makes you remember the times you got so close to something good, only to realize you’re a breath short to hold it tight and never let it go.

Saudade (Portuguese)


It is a longing for a possibility, a love for something or someone that remains even if that something, or someone is already gone.



Had is such a painful word because it reminds you that something you once held in your arms is already gone. 


Goodbye is also a sad word because it tries to convince you that the departure of someone you love is something good.



If fills your head of what things might have been had you taken different steps. It paints illusions in your mind because reality is just too difficult to bear.



Being alien suggests that you are, and never will be, accepted by the people who want to gain acceptance from.



A desperate and sad call to let things remain the way they are. Like when you line up dominoes and you get too happy with what you have built that you fear toppling one domino off can destroy your creation.

Toska (Russian)


It’s a pain in the soul with no specific cause, and a powerful yearning for someone that can never be attained.

Hiraeth (Welsh)


Hiraeth is whenever you find home in the things that are long gone. It is seeing the people you value race past you, while you are still stuck in reverse.

Ya’aburnee (Arabic)


It means You bury me in English.

Ya’aburnee is hoping you would die first before the ones you love do because it will just be too painful to say goodbye to them.

Gâchis (French)


It means Wasted Opportunity in English.

Gâchis makes you realize that once upon a time, you had the chance to achieve happiness but you let it slip your hands.



Yes, the past tense.

Because nothing hurts more than realizing you no longer love a person like you used to.



Thank you for reading. I hope you connected with the words we just presented. Tell us which word was pierced your heart and made you almost cry. Let us know in the comments section below.

And as for me, my favorite is the word Almost. How about you?

Credits to Unsplash for the amazing photographs!


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