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Telling people to think positively is, to be blunt, insensitive. It defeats the purpose, no? It just adds more to the stress people are experiencing. You have your own issues but you are basically told to wrestle with them, avoid them, hide them, and just be happy. It trivializes pain and other worries the same way people tell you to stop sulking around because others have it worse. Others have it better; does that mean you shouldn’t be happy?

Many preach that optimism is the prerequisite to becoming happy, radical, and revolutionary. But what this cultivates is emotional fragility. It makes critical analysis and thinking nearly impossible.

Always think of the worst case scenario.

Irrational optimists would tell you to don’t even think about failure, of the worst scenario, because by simply thinking about it will make it happen. In the halls of irrational stupid ideas this is a legendary stupid idea.

The people who invaded Russia during winter were optimistic that they would win, conceit was their mind’s primary operating gear. They did not include the variable that it would be freezing, that the Russians are used to such weather and their geography.

If you don’t know about the many possibilities that could happen, you’re in for a big surprise.

It’s okay to be not okay.


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Our society today adds pressure to people by telling them to be just okay, as if it’s a switch that can be turned on and off at will. At work, at school, at home, everyone is encouraging people to be just okay.

What this does is it enforces the suppression of natural human emotion. And many optimists would tell you to just be yourself. Sometimes I wonder if these guys realize the irony in their statements.

Realizing that it’s okay to be not okay breeds emotional and mental fortitude. Casting aside sadness and pain because “they shouldn’t matter” is a great recipe for disaster.

It’s okay to be indifferent.

Also known as “don’t give a fuck”.

A lot of people would tell you to mind this, mind that, be happy about this, be happy about that, and at the same time they would tell you to just focus on the things that are positive in nature. Again, this is totally, insanely, irrevocably ironic.

Once you learn how to be indifferent on most issues, you can then have a firmer grasp of reality and react accordingly. Don’t let your mind wander off to fantasy land.

Seriously, if you try to “feel” for everything, you’ll be an emotional roller-coaster.

Optimism Isn’t The Only Way To Happiness

Positive thinking does not always equate to happiness. There is a Great Wall of China between the two concepts. A foreign idea to proponents of positive thinking is that happiness and success can be found even if you are not a fan of their mindset.

Yes, you can have a negative approach to happiness.

I can talk for hours about this topic, but I believe you are smart enough to think that it’s true. That optimism, positive thinking, isn’t the only way to becoming happy.

Constant sunshine creates desert.

Don’t deceive yourself, learn how to face reality as it is.

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