Okay To Giveup

It’s okay. Giving up on things that no longer make you happy is not a sign of weakness, nor a sign of strength. It just is. When you give up because you are no longer happy you are doing yourself a great favor. That’s the first step to reclaiming your happiness.

Most of the people you will encounter will tell you that giving up is a sign of weakness, that you aren’t just trying harder. Of course you have to put some effort on it, be it a relationship, work, or your personal life before giving up. The thing is, if you believe that your life is better off without that thing you are working on, then please give up.

Never do something just because you said you would, don’t try to make it work for the sake of making it work.

You have to do something different, do something new..like quitting.

This applies to relationships the same way it applies to reading books or watching movies.

I remember reading Wuthering Heights and halfway through I realized that it wasn’t for me. But I finished reading it because I had to. Although the merit of reading it was clearly lost, I still read it for the sake of finishing it. Did it contribute anything to my life? I don’t think so.

Your life should revolve around making yourself happy. Don’t take it lightly when a friend tells you to follow your heart. Because as you grow older you would not want to say to yourself, “I wish I allowed myself to be happier when I was younger.”


Are you in a relationship that you feel is no longer working no matter how hard you try to make it work? Maybe it’s time to say good bye.

Don’t pursue things just because you feel you have to.

Give up on things that no longer make you happy.

Pursue happiness.

It’s okay.

Featured image by Wiertz Sébastien.


Mopeto is a 26-year-old wayfarer who's had his fair share of good and bad experiences. He doesn't have a college degree nor a steady job, but he is living his life the way he wants it to: by traveling on foot and doing little jobs here and there.

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