Love Yourself Live A Better Life

Love your 3 you’s and live a better life. It starts now. Yes, you can significantly improve your life right at this moment simply by realizing three things. You need to love your Past, Present, and Future.

It’s as simple as that and yet many people still fail to do so.

Love Your Past You


photo credit: martinak15

Be grateful of what your past you has done for you. Did you study mathematics like a boss when you were in high school and now you’re studying in a university where your mathemagic is helping you a lot? Well, thank your past self for a job well done in preparing you!

Be grateful to your past self for learning how to swim, for taking up a course in college, for that one time you fell in love and got your heart broken (because the experience made you stronger), and that time when you decided to read a book which turned your life around for the better.

Recall all of the things you did for yourself, write them down, and realize that you are who you are right now because of the things you did in the past. And adjust accordingly if you think there isn’t enough.

Love Your Present You


Do you want to be a prolific writer years or decades from now? Well, start reading and writing today. It doesn’t matter if you are terrible at writing. The first step to being good at something is by being bad at something.

Want to have a body that will make people envious of you? You can’t have that now, but you sure can start working out today.

In fact, starting NOW you shouldn’t have a ZERO day.

Zero day – a day when you’ve just lazied around and did nothing productive.

If you have an essay to finish, don’t let the day pass without writing anything. And yes, a single word on that piece of paper means a non-zero day and that’s great!

As long as you do something to further your goals and ambitions, that’s already a non-zero day.

If you are an absolutely lazy person, start by doing the little things. Again, it doesn’t matter how small your “contributions” to yourself are as long as you act on something.

Never have another Zero Day in your life starting NOW. This will be your Past You soon and it will build your future.

Love Your Future You


photo credit: AGeekMom

Once you realize that everything you’ve been building up to now is for the future you, you’ll definitely want to be more productive and careful of the things you do.

Remember, you can’t change the past. Everything you do today will be just a distant memory, but not its effects. If you decide to learn how to speak French today and push through it for several months, your future you will know how to speak French.

If you start painting, acting, dancing, swimming, and any other activities today, you’ll end up having a multitude of experience that you can be proud of in the future.

Your favorite author, actor, singer, musician, painter, and others didn’t start grand. They started to love their future, and as a result worked for their future.

Love your future, care for it right now, plant the seeds and keep on watering them.

To End

Everything starts today. Remember, there is no tomorrow. Start loving yourself today and you will inevitably love yourself in the future.

Don’t have a Zero Day. Act, stir, be alive!

Featured image by sea turtle.

Rean John Uehara

It's hard being a single father, but I really wouldn't know because I don't have kids. I'm a writer, web developer, cat lover, and I earn money by making people want to do things.

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