Everyone Is The Same

I am surrounded by people I don’t know. I don’t know if they have good relationships with the people they treasure. I don’t know if they’re doing well in school or if their work tire them so much. I don’t know if they wake up hyped or if they sleep in peace. I don’t know if they feel good about themselves or if others make them feel bad. I don’t know if they have eaten or if they even eat. I don’t know what their hobbies, interests, passions are. I don’t know what they think of or what they feel. I don’t know anything about them. But I judge them anyway.

This boy who makes the most hilarious jokes might have been sad all along. The girl who wears revealing clothes might not have been getting enough attention from her family. This dancer/singer who doesn’t seem himself when performing might not show much of his feelings to others. This writer who doesn’t seem to shower might be the only one able to put meaningless words together into a work of art. This person sitting in the corner of the café might be the next Albert Einstein or this person who just passed by me might be the next Beyoncé. All these and still I judge.

And I don’t know why, probably because I am insecure, lonely, or it simply just amuses me. I really don’t know but I do it anyway.

If only I observe much more. If only I stop and get to know them. If only I listen when they talk. Then I will discover that behind these facades are the interiors I haven’t seen and have no idea of. By then I wouldn’t have to judge them.


How about you? Have you ever wondered how many people have been silently wounded by you? Or you don’t care at all? I don’t like to believe that you don’t care at all because I know that you too secretly have your own story to tell. You too have been hiding in the shadows, like all of us.

This is me extending my arms to you because deep inside we’re all alike. We’ve been through stuff we don’t tell everyone about. Within us are well-kept feelings and emotions and the only way we can release them is through noticing the flaws in others.

Didn’t it ever occur to you that maybe you see them as you unconsciously see yourself?


The more we judge another, the more we go farther away from ourselves. We go farther away from ourselves by building a cage made up of our clouded perceptions of others. The only way to set ourselves free is to put those judgments down and open our minds to the possibilities that other people might have it worse than us, so let’s treat each other lightly and we’ll see where it goes from there.

Rose Nuñez

Rose Nuñez is a Psychology major from the Philippines who can sometimes be hyper and talkative whereas other times quiet and reflective. Combination of all things weird and wonderful, Rose is a girl who believes she is not in this Labyrinth to plan her escape but to make her stay worthwhile.

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