Year 2015 Message

I guess you’ve read enough articles on “things to do in the new year” or “people you should leave in 2014″ or you may already had written your resolutions for 2015. But before all that, I have here a notice to the public.

It’s the last day of the year and I ask you, how was it? Was it what you thought it would be? Did it let you down or did you had the most awesome year ever? Were there big changes in your life or nah? Nonetheless I want to congratulate you all for making it to the end. For those who weren’t able to make it through the last day, I am sure they finished strong. Let’s all give each and every one of us a big round of applause!

Although we could actually choose any day to start again in life, what perfect time would it be to do it than a new year, right? So go on, make big decisions. Take that trip you had been dreaming of since you were 7 years old to Tokyo Disneyland. Save up for it. Prepare for it like it’s the biggest wedding of the year!

Got no one to go with you?


Go by yourself. It’s a handful but I read that solo traveling is nice. It opens up your eyes to the world, making you really experience the culture each country has.

Speaking of being alone, I am going to watch my first concert alone in 2015. Concerts are not really my thing (they’re pricey and doesn’t last a long time, two things I don’t really like) but I thought of giving it a try.

See, life’s about trying. Giving chances. Remember that old friend of yours who flirted with your ex-boyfriend who ended up being a douche? Yeah, forgive them. Stop trying to avoid them when it’s so obvious you are avoiding them. Not only are you closing the door for them but you’re also holding yourself back. Welcome them with open arms and smack the hell out of them! Then walk away smiling.

A new year is on its way and that’s a whole new adventure, c’mon!

Give yourself a chance. Let a little light in. Go out and move. If you really want amazing things to happen in your life this year, go start doing something you had always wanted to try. Oh, that friend of yours who always keeps on humiliating you in public, lowering your confidence and self-esteem? Speak up to him or might as well leave him in 2014. He doesn’t deserve to be in your life anymore.


What about that quiet girl in class you always wanted to be friends with because you think she’s cool? Friend that girl. Build stronger long-lasting relationships and break down all the other relationships that kept holding you back all these years because to be honest, in this era we are in, everyone’s into anything short that they cut themselves short. Don’t be one of them. Make that u-turn as soon as possible because they’re going the wrong way. Your father who often times says all the things that could hurt you, forgive him. Blame it on aging. Stop pushing people away to prevent them from hurting you.

Open your heart and let the hurt kick in.

It will jumpstart your life, I’m telling you. Don’t be so afraid of feeling pain. Think of it as The Flash’s boots, remember he had trouble controlling it the first time, but look at him now. What about the Spartans who trained aggressively so that they will really be geared up for battle? Be that Spartan.


Unleash that lion in your heart. But amidst everything, don’t become the person who had hurt you. Be the better one. Always. If every other half of the 1:1 ratio of the world’s population is the better one or even just a single human being who cares in, say, a hundred people, I’m pretty sure the world will slowly become a better place for all of us so that the smart people who love physics could stop stressing themselves out looking for a new planet to live in. Of course, we’re all looking for that new place, aren’t we?

But did you know that that place can exist when you change how you look at things? The attic that houses your family’s ghosts could be your own little home cinema. Think about it. It’s all on you. This year, it’s your call.

A single individual, either too young or too old, has nothing in his hands or already has his hands full, look into the horizon. It’s endless. And so are you. It’s possible when you make it possible.

My dear, 2014 was the catapult and 2015 is wonderland so prepare for it! To new adventures and new stories to tell, thank you 2014! Happy New Year to all of us!

Rose Nuñez

Rose Nuñez is a Psychology major from the Philippines who can sometimes be hyper and talkative whereas other times quiet and reflective. Combination of all things weird and wonderful, Rose is a girl who believes she is not in this Labyrinth to plan her escape but to make her stay worthwhile.

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