September 11, 2001 – Militants associated with the Islamic extremist group al-Qaeda hijacked four US airliners and attacked New York City. Two planes crashed into the towers of the World Trade Center in Manhattan. This resulted to massive deaths and destruction triggering US initiatives to eradicate terrorism thus defining the presidency of George W. Bush. It was estimated that over 3000 people, including police officers and firefighters, died during the attacks. 

Many Americans from all parts of the world mourn today. That is why we compiled 9-11 bombing pictures to remind you of the horror that happened 13 years ago and to appreciate the heroes that laid their life for others:


Taken by the NYPD on September 11, 2001. The Two Tower succumbs to the ground as smoke and ash engulfs lower Manhattan. (Photo: AP Photo/NYPD, Det. Greg Semendinger)

(Photo: STR/Reuters /Landov)

As seen from the Brooklyn Bridge, the south tower of WTC is consumed by fire after a hijacked airliner United Airlines Flight 175 hits it. The black clump of smoke radiating from the burning building and the cloudless sky captures so much story of that day.

Photo: SHANNON STAPLETON/Reuters /Landov )

Rescue operations were top priority for there were hundreds of people trapped under the building’s debris.

(Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Series of fire also broke out of buildings a few blocks away from the World Trade Center.


The notorious Second Plane which hit the south tower of WTC and made it crumble after 56 minutes.

(Photo: Anthony Correia/Getty Images)
(Photo: PETER MORGAN/Reuters /Landov )

This perspective depicts the range of damage of the twin tower’s collapse.

(Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images )

And how it brought fear and grief to people because they lost their families, friends and other loved ones.

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