Life is a hard thing and we are forced to deal with it every single day. We try hard to get our acts together and start doing it correctly, but most of us do not really know what we’re actually doing. We do not have our whole lives figured out and we find ourselves constantly doubting if we’re doing life right.

So to put an end to our persistent worries, here are 10 signs  that will tell you you’re doing life just right, even if you feel like you don’t and even if others think you don’t.

1. You pay for your wants

This might be a little thing for really independent people who fully support themselves but it doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate this about yourself. Unlike many other kids, you actually work hard so you can afford what you want and not have to ask your mom for money to pay for those shoes or all those food trips. So give yourself some credit and feel good about being able to buy your own stuff.

2. You don’t buy to brag

You work your ass off in a job you don’t really like so you can afford to buy something you really want. The good thing about this is, you buy these things because you really want them, not because you want to brag about them. I know it feels good to have people stare at your brand new J’s or ask about your new perfume, but what’s more important is to be certain that you’re buying these items because you want them, not because you want to increase your self-worth.

3. You don’t blame people for your failures

We all fail at something and that’s okay. What ‘s not okay though is to blame other people for our failures. Admitting our mistakes and owning up to them is better than putting the blame on the hands of an innocent person. We gotta learn to accept our failures, learn from them and move on. If you do exactly just that, then our thumbs are up for you.

4. You take care of yourself

Many claim to be taking care of themselves but only few of us actually do. If you’re one of those few who take 8 hours of sleep every night, drink 12 glasses of water a day, watch the calories they take, stay away from junk foods, eat their vegetables, and exercise, then you’re doing this totally right. Our health should always be one of our priorities and we shouldn’t compromise it or make excuses to not work hard for it.

5. You’re passionate about something

The fact that you’ve found something your heart is totally happy about is a really good take on life. Like the saying goes, we only live once. So we have to live in the moment, do what we truly desire, pour our heart into it, and be proud of it. And we can only start doing this after we’ve determined what motivates us and ignites our passion.

6. You forgive and let go

Holding a grudge on somebody who broke us apart is an easy thing to do, but forgiving them takes a whole lot of courage and heart to do so, and letting go of the hurtful memory is another story. So being able to do both means you are a very strong, brave and big-hearted individuals. Keep doing that and life will always be good.

7. You’ve been broken hearted

I know it’s not really something to be celebrated but we just want to point it out to you that you overcame that part in your life. It was devastating, sure,  but it didn’t break you down the way you expected it to when you were still heart broken. Now that you’ve experienced how it’s like to get your heart shattered to pieces by someone you loved dearly, you get a better sense of how it’s like and you know that you have what it  takes to keep going. You know that it’s not the end of the world and you can move on.

8. You’re not giving up

Even if life knocks you down every chance it can get, you stand back up and always step forward again. You’re not afraid of falling down and getting hurt because you know you’ll get to your goal one day and all the falls will be worth it.

9. You know your value

No matter what others  say about you, you don’t let it get to you because you know who you are and you believe in yourself more. You know what you’re worth and you don’t settle with the company of cheap people who likes talking dirt about others. You know how you must be treated because you’re well aware of what you deserve and at the same time, you also know how to value others.

10. You’ve beaten life

Maybe at one point in your life, you’ve been thrown a really huge life-changing problem you thought you can never recover from, like the death of a parent, discovery of a disease, unwanted pregnancy, or losing your job at a crucial time. But where are you now? You’ve passed through it, and though you’re not quite the same as before, that’s alright. Actually, that’s perfect. It’s perfect to not stay the same after a life-changing event because you should come out stronger, wiser, and better.


Rozzette Anne Reyes

Rozzette Anne Reyes is a graduate of University of the Assumption with a bachelor's degree in Psychology. You can find her online, sharing funny cat videos or tweeting about her writing progress. You can follow her on Twitter at @noitszette and on Instagram at @roanrey.

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