There are little things that your girl wants but is too shy to actually voice them out to you. So I am here today to tell you all about them. No worries, because these things won’t cost you much, some won’t even cost you anything at all, maybe just being cheesy though. Can you afford to be cheesy?

Cup her face

cup face


It feels good to have your man hold your face like you’re so precious and fragile. It warms any girl’s heart and it doesn’t cost you guys anything. So cup her face before  kissing her and during kissing her.

Leave things for her



Surprisingly, a lot of guys are getting good at this department. Some guys texts their girls to check their front porch because they left something there – these can be a pizza, a drink, a Pringles, or anything that the girl might like. But this guy left a Pooh in the fridge. Good luck eating that, girl. (Hahajk)

Cuddle her in public



All girls like cuddling in public. I can’t really explain why. Maybe it’s because we like to show you off? Or because we want the world to know we love you? Whatever it is, just cuddle her. It doesn’t have to be all the time though. If you’re not comfortable with it, just cuddle her when you feel like it.

Show her off

show me off


This is the cheesiest of all, I think. Even if we don’t say it, we love it when our man shows us off. You don’t have to sound like you’re bragging. Just a simple post like those one above are enough to make our hearts go lub dub dub.

Give her flowers



It’s very nice to receive flowers even if it’s just a regular day. So go and buy her a flower to remind her how much you love her. Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be a bouquet because that can be such a waste of money. One flower wrapped in brown paper with a note is enough to send her smiling the whole day.

Leave her notes



Girls love letters, but we know that boys are not so into writing letters. So, good thing is that we now have sticky notes. Try scribbling down sweet-nothings on Post-It notes and stick them on her notes, books or even her laptop. So when she opens her stuff, she’ll be surprised.

Give her exactly what she asked for



Women can be perfectionists. They want things the way they’d said it. So to be fair to you, you just gotta give her a dose of accurateness. Yes. Sometimes you just really have to give her exactly what she asked for – even if she’s just joking. Just like that one above. His girl asked for a unicorn with a rhinestone on its forehead that farts Skittles. So there it goes. Exactly like what she asked for.

Bring her coffee every morning



If your girl likes coffee, this one can be very fitting. You can make coffee, put it in a tumbler and give it to her at school or in the office. It’s pretty helpful on those days when she’s so busy she can’t do it herself. It’s rather a thoughtful gesture isn’t it?

And lastly, just love her like this

lover me like this


Rozzette Anne Reyes

Rozzette Anne Reyes is a graduate of University of the Assumption with a bachelor's degree in Psychology. You can find her online, sharing funny cat videos or tweeting about her writing progress. You can follow her on Twitter at @noitszette and on Instagram at @roanrey.

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