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I’m not saying that all couples are guilty of all these things below, but surely, they are with at least one. If you are one of those lucky people who are in a relationship and think that you are guilty with one of these things, do the world a favor and stop doing it.

Overusing Endearments



“Baby, do you like this?”, “What about this, baby?”, “Baby, what do you think, baby?”. Seriously? (Insert annoyed face here).

If you’re in the supermarket or mall and you hear couples like that. It’s just downright annoying isn’t it? Have they forgotten each other’s name? Using pet names is cute, but limit it. When it’s overused, it loses its meaning and sweetness and just becomes simply irritating.

I personally think calling your partner with his/her name is more special. Specially if it’s his/her nickname that no one else calls him/her with.

Slow Walking in Crowded Places

slow walker


A lot of teenager couples do this – those aged 14-18 specially. It’s a total pain when they do this in crowded places such as malls or narrow sidewalks.

Like hello? I’m single and is on a hurry because my favorite show is about to start and my ice cream is also melting. So do your walking-under-the-moon drama somewhere else. Try Antarctica, maybe? (I sound so bitter haha).

Ok, it’s not that bad to walk slow because we know that you are HHWWing (Holding Hands While Walking) with your love one, but please, please, please, don’t do it when there’s a mob of irritated people behind you wanting to walk faster.

Posting Private Cheesy Shizz on Facebook



Blah blah blah. We know you are in love and in a relationship. You don’t have to broadcast it by posting even screen captures of your text messages. We don’t care about how kissy-kissy he is with all the emojis. Just stop.

There are Forever Alones out there that are hurting. Also, those kind of things are supposed to be private. What are we supposed to do with the information that you guys gushes over the pettiest conversations ever? I’d rather have Ebola than get these messages. Kbye.

Wearing Couple Shirts with Stupid Statements



It’s a shock that people actually wear these corny shirts. Like come on man. Don’t you have any creativity? Can’t you think of something else to put in the shirts? Something funny or witty?

Because these shirts with “My Weirdo” printed on them are the lamest I’ve ever seen. You should’ve just settled with matchy sweaters. Even these old couples are better than you. They totally beat your ass in this game. (Beellhh!)


Suddenly Isolating Themselves

couples_love_tumblr_kissing_hugging (37)


Do you have those friends who suddenly disappeared when they entered a relationship? Like they forgot they have friends because they only hang out with the lovers?

That’s the most annoying thing, I think, because not only is it unhealthy for the couples, it’s also a heartbreaking for friends to be left out.

There’s nothing wrong with spending time with your partners (we know that you have lots of getting-to-know-each-others to do) but don’t forget your friends. Find time to catch up with them too. For without them, a couple can’t grow, mature, and fully reach out to the community around them.


Rozzette Anne Reyes

Rozzette Anne Reyes is a graduate of University of the Assumption with a bachelor's degree in Psychology. You can find her online, sharing funny cat videos or tweeting about her writing progress. You can follow her on Twitter at @noitszette and on Instagram at @roanrey.

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