Say goodbye to your unreasonable negativity. It’s a new year full of possibilities and being negative will hinder you from seeing the good things.


Say goodbye to fake friends and the fake love you thought you deserved. It’s liberating to let these people go and to realize who and what is worth your time and effort.


And while you’re at it, say goodbye to everyone who made you feel less. Those who made 2016 harder for you because they’re negative, insecure, toxic and selfish people.


Say goodbye to the heartbreaks and the disappointments. Some people are really just meant to make us experience these things and then leave. We should move on from them too.


Say goodbye to the ugly, broken and messed up moments of 2016. Do not let it follow you around and affect your present.


Say goodbye to your fears and hello to possibilities. Stop backing out because you’re afraid and start trying because you believe you  can.


Say goodbye to the times you were weak, and broken and down. These moments do not define you. They were simply just tools that helped you become stronger.


Say goodbye to the people who always promised to see you ‘real’ soon but never really did. They’re only saying that to be nice, they don’t really mean it. So do yourself a favor and stop asking for their time.


Say goodbye to tolerating bullshit. You know what you deserve and what you don’t. Bite back if you need to. Walk away if you have to.


Say goodbye to staying because you’re afraid to leave. Whether it’s work or a relationship, once it becomes unhealthy for you, just go. Your mental health should be your priority too.


Say goodbye to being stagnant and welcome change. It is necessary for growth and improvement. Don’t be afraid to change things up a little bit in 2017.


Say goodbye to the ones who disappear when you’re down and reappear when you’re up. You do not need inconsistent people in your life.


Say goodbye to your rigid expectations of people and especially yourself. Such mindset will only set you for frustrations and disappointments.


Say goodbye to your unnecessary overthinking sessions. Rest the what ifs, the whys, and the hows. Overthinking will only create problems that are’t even there in the first place.


Say goodbye to your need to control everything.  Understand that some things are out of your control and learn to accept these things that you cannot change.


Say goodbye to settling for mediocrity.  If it doesn’t excite you or inspire you, ditch it. Find something else. Do not just sit there getting comfortable with mediocrity.


Say goodbye to the belief that 2017 will be  just another year in your life . It will be great, you just gotta think of all the ways how it can be your year.


Rozzette Anne Reyes

Rozzette Anne Reyes is a graduate of University of the Assumption with a bachelor's degree in Psychology. You can find her online, sharing funny cat videos or tweeting about her writing progress. You can follow her on Twitter at @noitszette and on Instagram at @roanrey.

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