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Bookworms are absolutely hot! I never realized this until I dated one last year. Yes, they may not always readily look hot, or be hot for that matter, but the moment you start going out with them, you’ll realize that you have discovered an amazing experience that will never, ever be tarnished. Here are a few reasons why I found bookworms absolutely hot (and soon, became my type):

They’re Romantic

This is a given. Bookworms have such ability to make any person feel like a character ripped out of a romance novel. They know how to use words and subtle acts to make them closer to your heart.

They’re Imaginative

You can only create what you can imagine, they say. Bookworms have that sweet and thoughtful ability to come up with fresh ideas that will sweep you out of your feet. They can plan stuff that will make your heart melt because imagination and idea generation is what they’re good at.

They’re Passionate

Have you seen how passionate bookworms are? Once they start reading a book, or maybe even a series, they really delve into it. Nothing can take them away from reading it (not sleep, nor you). Once a bookworm starts loving you, he’ll love you as long as he could and nothing, not even sleep, distance time or anything can stop him.

They Listen

Bookworms know how to listen, that is if you know how to appreciate silence. Most of the times, bookworms are not too much into blabbering. They just sit there, and listen to you. No matter how boring or redundant your stories are, they’ll be there. Bookworms understand that there is a story behind you and are willing to read that story to know you better.

And Understand

They just don’t nod at you like hollow dolls. No. They actually understand you and will make it a point that you’ll understand what you need to do too.

They Know How to Read between the Lines

When you feel like being silent but actually want to talk about something, they know what you really mean. Books and people share that in common. If you want to understand both, you should not just read and understand one paragraph, you have to see the big picture. And bookworms understand that.


They Appreciate Waiting

Waiting is probably one of the most uncomfortable things to do. But bookworms shrug waiting off because they know that sometimes, to get what you want, you have to wait for it. This thinking comes from the past times that they have waited a year just so a new book in a series is released.

They Always Have Something To Talk About

Bookworms always have something to talk about. They have learned so many stories, put in mind so many facts and have gone in so many different worlds that they can always speak up about something when they want to. You’ll never have dull moments because a bookworm has always something to share, be it a cool story or a fun fact.

But respects it when you need silence

However, despite their fondness of sharing stories, bookworms know when to shut up. In the years that they have become bookworms, these people got used to not meddling with other people when their guards are up. They know that once you disturb someone, especially in a middle of a book, you mean bad blood.

They can stay up all night

Bookworms can pull all-nighters. What do you think was the use of staying up all night reading books? It’s a practice for that all-night marathon.

And always ready to travel

Just give a bookworm a book to read, and a place to read it (which is basically anywhere) and shazam, he’ll like it. Bookworms love travelling, and by that I don’t mean reaching the destination. No. Bookworms love to travel for travelling’s sake. Imagine a few hours of reading without any distraction, that’s golden.


They’re not needy

Books are the least neediest things in the world. You can just put them in a corner for a while, come back after a few years and they’ll still be willing to give you their story. Bookworms understand this, and know that as people, you shouldn’t be needy. What you need to do is just to stay right there even if people don’t notice you because you know that someday, somehow, they’ll end up reading you.

They’re in for the fancy

Fancy tea sessions, coffee-fests and wine tastings? Bookworms know what fancy is and brings their A-Game. So you won’t worry about them puking through their tuxedo just because they got too drunk.

But knows how to be on a budget

Bookworms also know how to be on a budget. They have been used to saving some money for expensive first-edition copies so they know how to save for the things that matter!

They’re easy to give gifts to

Hmm… What will I give to my bookworm friend? Perhaps a book?


These are the mischief of mice that prefer to keep their personalities hidden, because we don't want privy eyes to know what are they up to.

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