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Being low maintenance doesn’t mean low standards, lazy, boring, cheap, or emotionally detached. It means she’s got standards but doesn’t always have to meet them (‘cos frankly that’s tiring). It means she’s lazy but will dress up and turn to Cinderella when needed. It means one moment she’s down for a stay-in-bed-for-24-hours challenge to lets-go-mountain-climbing. Yep, definitely far from lazy and boring.

Now that that’s clear, let’s head on to the list:

1. They can carry their own purse

…or backpack. So with her, you don’t have to always suffer with all the bag-carrying task the society expects you to do. She’s cool with carrying it herself.

2. Can get ready faster than you can

If you’re dating a low-maintenance girl, you shouldn’t underestimate how fast she can shower, dry her hair, put on jeans, shirt, shoes and grab her bag. Otherwise she’ll be impatiently sitting on the couch giving you the look while you’re in a frenzy trying to brush your teeth and putting on your shoes at the same time.

3. Netflix + Pizza > Fancy candlelit dinner

There’s nothing wrong with spending some moolah for a romantic night, but this girl is just so financially responsible that she’d much rather snuggle in bed with you and eat pizza. It’s cost-effective, won’t require some dressing up, and you can Netflix and chill to your heart’s desire (wink wink).

4. More laidback, less obsessed

This right here will win you over. Laidback girls won’t stress over the “meaning” behind your LOL message or your late replies. Or the photo of a random chick you liked on Instagram. Or why you’re not uploading selfies of you together. It’s not that she doesn’t care or she’s emotionally detached, it just means she trusts you and knows you have more important things to do than spend all day on your phone texting her and vice versa.

5. You don’t have to worry about being dragged to loooong shopping trips!

I don’t think long trips to the mall for clothes and makeup is her thing, be ready for weekly grocery shopping though ‘cos she gotta make sure that fridge is full. Food is life.

6. Drama-free!

She finds drama exhausting and draining so she stays away from it. She doesn’t find entertainment in talking about who’s dating who and digging up people’s dirt. It’s just not in her nature to do so. She’d rather talk about that funny yo mama meme and start a yo mama battle with you.

7. Her confidence game is A+

She caught you staring at that chick’s butt and you expected her to lash out on you. Surprise, surprise. She didn’t. But she did remind you to tell her in advance the next time you spot a babe so you can both stare at her. She’s confident enough with that because it’s not all a competition to her.

8. She’s down for almost everything

There’s literally a wide range of activities you can do together that she’ll be down for. Burger eating contest? Arcade? Nap dates  Beach trips? Star Wars marathon? Pokemon hunting? Yes, yes and yes!!

9. Knows her priorities

Sure, love and relationships are important. But she’ll always try to focus more on what needs to be prioritized like school responsibilities, family time, a friend in need and her personal growth. She expects you to prioritize these things too.

10. They respect your individuality

It’s a healthy relationship if both party can become one yet remain two at the same time. She’ll love you for who you are and encourage you to reach greater heights and just be the best you can possibly be. She’ll want to grow with you together but individually. She knows you will like different things, have different beliefs and recognize some incompatibilities, but it won’t matter because she’ll always respect your differences and love you anyway.

Rozzette Anne Reyes

Rozzette Anne Reyes is a graduate of University of the Assumption with a bachelor's degree in Psychology. You can find her online, sharing funny cat videos or tweeting about her writing progress. You can follow her on Twitter at @noitszette and on Instagram at @roanrey.

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