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Every girl has to kiss her share of frogs before meeting her prince charming. If you haven’t found yours yet, scroll down to know about the boys you should stay away from. Strike some guys off your list and save yourself the hassle!

The Playboy


Photo by Andrew Lynch

Clearly, this is the kind of guy everybody warned you about. In romantic movies, he is the bad boy who falls in love with a girl that eventually changes him. Sure, we all want to be the girl who becomes the game-changer, but wake up and realize that there’s a little chance this will happen.

If you are currently dating the player, good luck trying to fix that guy.

The Part-Time Lover, AKA The User


Photo by Marina Arbat Bofill

You are not in a relationship but he gives you a call whenever he doesn’t have anyone to hang out with. When he doesn’t need company, he forgets to even talk to you. He texts you whenever he has problems and you are there to rescue or give him advice. In short, he loves you when he needs you. You obviously don’t deserve each other because you’re too good for him. Remember, if he will not commit, don’t ever give him boyfriend benefits.

The One With Mixed Signals


Photo by Walle

You are thrilled because he makes you feel like he’s so into you but then tells you he is not ready for a relationship.  If a guy really likes you, he will man up, tell you, and show you that he does. You are not supposed to keep up with any guy who makes you think that he doesn’t know what/who he really wants. The only situation where giving off mixed signals is socially acceptable is when girls do it. Or is it still not?

The One Who Is Not Ready


Photo by badjonni

He talks about how he much he wants to marry you and spend the rest of his life with you. You almost find it lovely but then he’s out at the bar every night having fun with his friends and forgets to text you. Yep, he’s going to be a sweet boyfriend/husband.

The Unambitious


Photo by David Shankbone

Do you want to be with someone who has nothing to say when asked what his goal in life is? Well, we already know the answer to that one. Stay away from this guy. Instead, find someone you can plan your future with. Go for someone who plans on getting a good job to buy a big house for you and your kids. Go for someone worth marrying.

Moreover, a guy who has lots of ambition but doesn’t work his ass off to get them is no better. Don’t let him keep you from finding Mr. Right.

To End

Have you met someone worse than the ones mentioned above? Tell us about him and why he is not worth falling in love with. You might just protect a girl from a heartbreak!

Featured photo by Linh H. Nguyen.

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