Nobody likes to be kept waiting. Be it in a fast food order, a line to the cash machine, or even traffic lights, the human race has been accustomed to a fast-paced living that even 30 seconds of idle time seems forever. This makes traffic lights the most dangerous spots in the city for pedestrians.

Well, not anymore. Introducing Smart’s idea for a dancing traffic light that injects a little bit of fun as you wait for the crossing spot to clear up.

Apparently, your everyday pedestrian man symbol, which can be boring to stare on, even for just a few seconds, will be more alive than you think. With this idea, the static pedestrian man will dance for you to be entertained while cars do their thing. And when we speak of entertainment, it’s not just basic movements. It’s a dance.

The dancing traffic light figure aims to catch the pedestrian’s attention towards the red light and make him aware that he needs to wait before he can cross. This makes waiting entertaining, and safe.

In the video above, you will notice that as soon as the pedestrian symbol starts to move, people point fingers towards the traffic light and watch. Heck, some even take videos.

And that’s not even the catch yet. Each dance that the pedestrian traffic light performs is unique at many ways.

How is that possible? A computer program that randomizes movement? No. Witchcraft? Hell no.

The secret behind the unique movements? Other people. You see, somewhere in the city, there is a booth that encourages people to dance (in private, of course) and be the one that the pedestrian man mimics. Using cameras that track movement, a person’s dance moves will be shown in the traffic light in real time.

The result? People smiled out of sheer amazement, some took videos, and others danced with the traffic light man. But the most astonishing result is that 81 per cent actually stopped at the red light and willingly and happily waited until it turns green.

Source: Smart 

Rudolph Musngi

Rudolph is the mind that spawned this mischief. He is purely evil and loves to plot evil things. He pretends for a living. Everyday he goes to work and faces the world like he's the nicest guy ever.

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