16 – Flower Pollen

Sometimes, the smallest details make great things great. That not until you observe the tiniest bit in something, you’ll never discover how amazing they truly are. Good thing, we have microscopes. So that whenever we want to see things in detail, we could always admire how beautiful they truly are.

We found 18 everyday items that just look awesome under a microscope. Believe it or not, we too were amazed to have seen these.

1. Printed Paper

01 - Printed Paper

Looks like cotton and soil.

2. Ground Black Pepper

02 - Ground Black Pepper

At first I thought it was some kind of fruit.

3. Wood

03 - Wood

Wood looks like… well.. Wood.

4. Razor Blade

04 - Razor Blade

Doesn’t seem so sharp, but this razor blade is actually sharp.

5. Salt

05 - Salt

Looks like building debris.

6. Mustache Whiskers

06 - Mustache Whiskers

This looks like cake.

7. White Sugar

07 - White Sugar

Diamonds! Nope, just sugar.

8. Pepper

08 - Pepper


10. Cut Hair09 - Cut Hair

Looks like banana cut into halves.

10. Surface of a Penny

10 - Surface on an old penny

Actually, it looks like ruins or a canyon maybe?

11. Ball Point Pen

11 - Ball Point Pen

Looks like plastic cups stacked together!

12. A Fruit Fly

12 - A Fruit Fly

A little bit creepy, though.

13. Nylon Stockings

13 - Nylon Stockings


Perfect representation of my desktop cords.

14. Coffee Grounds

14 - Coffee Grounds

Looks like a beehive.

15. A Staple Through a Paper

15 - A Staple through paper

Whoa, that must have hurt the paper, no?

16. A Flower Pollen

16 - Flower Pollen

No wonder I’m allergic.

17. Textile

17 - Textile

Looks like wires.

18. Woven Fabric

18 - Woven Fabric

This one too.


Truly, things look different when seen up close, but despite how simple they may appear from afar, they are exquisite and beautiful things. Proof that not everyone seems like who they are. You need to know them up close to see how they really look like.

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