Morning of August 29, smoke and ash went spewing high over the Pacific as a volcano in Papua New Guinea erupted.The eruption generated evacuations as well as a flow of haunting and beautiful photos. It was Mount Tavurvur on East Britain Island that erupted hours before dawn, as the bulletin from Rabaul Volcanological Observatory said. Fortunately, there have been no reports of injury.

Here are some breath-taking photos from the volcanic eruption.


This is Mount Tavurvur seconds after it has officially erupted. It spewed rocks and ashes into the air, forcing the people to migrate and to reroute international flights. There had been no reported cases of injury in any of the residents near the volcanic eruption.

In the picture above, it can be seen that the volcano sits beautifully in the middle of the island. The sun rays that hit the billowing smoke looks majestic in this photograph.


The smoke that billows from the volcano after an eruption in Kokopo, east Britain, Papua New Guinea. The smoke can be clearly seen in this photo.


Mount Tavurvur spewing ashes and rocks into the air, forcing the locals to evacuate.


The majestic volcano billowing smoke on Friday.


This is a photo taken on October 7, 2006 when Mounth Tavurvur erupted over the city of Rabaul in Papua New Guinea.


This is another file photo that was taken on September 22, 1994. It shows that the Rabaul residents on a hill looking over Simpson Harbour, watching the volcanic eruptions of Mount Tavulvur and Mount Vulcan which destroyed much of their city.

Mount Tavulvur has been an active volcano for quite some time. It is said that the residents in Papua New Guinea is used to its volcanic activity, therefore; most of them have already witnessed the volcano erupting even once in their lifetime.


Indeed, the eruption of Mount Tavulvur volcano is such a beauty.

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