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Did you know that today in 1988, Stacy Allison Climbs Mount Everest?

In the 29th of September 1988, Stacy Allison of Portland, Oregon, reaches the summit of Mount Everest making her the first American woman to ever climb the Earth’s highest peak. Everest stands at 29, 035 feet above sea level. Allison, who is a member of the Northwest American Everest Expedition took the southeast ridge route of the Himalayan mountain.

Sitting as the highest point of the Great Himalayas is located between Tibet and Nepal’s borders. The Tibetans call the mountain Chomo Lungma or Mother Goddess of the Land before the English renamed it Everest in honor of Sir George Everest, a 19th century surveyor of the Crown.

Mount Everest’s peak is considered to be dangerous as it touches two-thirds of the way through the atmosphere and is about the same altitude as jet airliners. What makes it difficult to reach Everest’s peak is the air. Oxygen at the peak is low and the conditions are harsh: low temperatures and unpredictable weather keeps mountaineers in danger.


The first man to ever touch the peak of Mount Everest is Edmund Hillary of New Zeland and Tenzing Norgay of Nepal in 1953. After a decade, the Americans gave Mount Everest a try. James Whittaker is considered to be the first American to reach the top of Everest.  He was followed by his personal Sherpa called Nawang Gombu.

In the middle of the 70s, different mountaineers gave it a shot: Junko Tabei , a Japanese mountaineer. was the first woman to successfully finish the climb. Reinhold Messner of Italy and Peter Habeler of Austria climbed the Everest without bringing oxygen tanks.

In the many attempts to conquer the Everest peak during the 20th century, almost two dozens of people have died because of the harsh climate and, high altitude and pressure.

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