Most women will tell you that they like guys who are tall, dark and handsome. However, if you’ll sift through their past partners, you’ll notice that only a handful of the guys they ever dated have either the three characteristics mentioned.

Unlike men, who usually fall for good-looking girls, women tend to go beyond. They want to fall in love not only because of a man’s looks but with his personality and how he treats people. Yes, looks are important but to women, the whole package matters the most. Here are a few things most women want in men. Let’s find out:



What kind of woman doesn’t want  a thoughtful partner? Women love guys who show that they care, and by that I don’t mean costly trips to Thailand for the second date. No. A thoughtful man is someone who does the little things with extra care and passion. It’s about taking note of the things a woman say and remembering them.

Like if women mentions her favorite movie, you surprise her by watching it with her. Or anything like that. Because women love details and a man who appreciates that is certainly a keeper.



Brainy is the new sexy. Women simply dig that brainy attitude because they want to learn or discover something new from people. And by that I don’t mean being an insufferable know-it-all who blurts out trivia to a point where it’s just annoying. No. What women love are those guys who are aware of the things that happen around him. Just mention something really interesting like a fun fact and let the conversation lead you to something special.



Men with great sense of humor are more likely to be liked by women. Ladies appreciate someone who can crack up a boring conversation. If you’re able to make her giggle, she’ll probably let you cuddle.



Women also like men who stand up confident. They want to see their prospects to be sure of whatever they will be doing.  If you always slouch and think you can’t do it, then you probably won’t have a chance with a girl, sorry bro.



It is also important that a man knows how to juggle everything. Men who are able to balance their jobs, friends, families, hobbies, relationships and more are really viable to go out with. We want guys who will make us feel important and also secured.

Willing to Listen


If you open your ears good enough, you’ll probably have the best chance with women. We are emotional, and sometimes needy. That is why having someone who will listen to all our rants and ramblings no matter how pointless, senseless and repetitive they may be are considered to be a catch; because sometimes, we just need someone to share our stories with.



Ladies also love honest men. We look for guys who know how to speak up for themselves and tell the truth. Women love those people who have the guts to tell the truth rather than to form lies. Because, honestly, honesty is the best policy, even in dating.

Sweet and Nice


Women love to be pampered too. That is why we want guys who will always make us feel appreciated and loved. If you are nice, and could deal with our needs, then you’re qualified.



Women also dig that charming personality. If you’ve got a little swag up there, show it to us, because it’s just sexy.



Lastly, one of the most essential characteristics most women want is being presentable. We don’t require guys to wear suits all the time. We just want them to look clean and well-dressed. So, if you’re looking for a second date, show up dressed like a normal human being.

Also, be clean with your body. Make sure you look and smell clean because it’s common courtesy.

Rudolph Musngi

Rudolph is the mind that spawned this mischief. He is purely evil and loves to plot evil things. He pretends for a living. Everyday he goes to work and faces the world like he's the nicest guy ever.

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