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There are some people who live in a country where starting out is always magnificent but nothing is ever finished in time. It’s called Procrasti-nation. It’s a realm where everything is all about delaying the things you need to do until you’re really pressured to do it.

And I bet you, living in this state is not easy. There are real difficulties people who procrastinate try to hedge out, and most of the time, they don’t try to hurdle these until they are pressed to. I present to you know, some of the struggles procrastinators face.

Not being able to accomplish something in time

Procrastinators have to bear the burden of not being able to accomplish something. Because they are too busy delaying what they need to do, they end up being on a rush and hassled by problems that they haven’t planned for.

Being always out of place


They are always out of place. In a world where being first is top billing, people who don’t start ASAP are most probably left out. Procrastinators feel this way. Because they have delayed so much, they become out of place and out of time and this is sad at times.


Non-procrastinators, always belittle procrastinators. Commonly, procrastinators are stereotyped as lazy, arrogant sods who can’t seem to focus. Often, when you say you love procrastinating and people bat their eyes on you as if you’re some inconsiderate and super unproductive jerk. But we all know this is not true. You just play at your own place and they don’t understand that.

Short attention span


Most procrastinators might not have even made through this item. Yes, because they have short attention spans. They are easily bored and would want to shift quickly from one project to another. But this is a sign of creativity. These people are often fed up with ideas and thinking about them, they end up not doing anything about it.

Not finishing lists like these

Well, fuck.

Rudolph Musngi

Rudolph is the mind that spawned this mischief. He is purely evil and loves to plot evil things. He pretends for a living. Everyday he goes to work and faces the world like he's the nicest guy ever.

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