Photos of Taylor Swift wearing a mustard-colored shirt with the words “No Its Becky” written on it started circulating the internet and people can’t stop talking. Wondering what this is about? Read on.

no its becky

It’s an inside joke between Taylor and her fans. This thing started on Tumblr a few years ago. Swifties posted Taylor’s school photo and named the girl on it Becky, a girl who used to be popular and happy until she went to a party and lost her life to marijuana.


This has been a forgotten joke, until Swift suddenly decided to be active on the site and started digging up on some Swifties activities, where she found a fan’s post alerting the entire fandom that they must delete all evidences about Becky. Taylor commented on the said post and the joke has gone viral again.

And now, the singer has brought the joke to public. She uploaded this photo on her Facebook page and joke about rethinking to redo her album cover and change it to this! Way to go Ms. Swift. Why can’t everyone be like you? If only everybody can take a joke this good, the Earth will be at peace.

taylor swift


Swifties right now can’t even, what even, how even! They are on twitter like:


Talented people are remarkable, but talented people with a sense of humor are the greatest and awesomest folks ever!

High five Becky! Haters can’t even hate, hate, hate.

You don’t know about me. ‘Cos I am Beckyyyyy!!

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