Thinking of how you would propose to your loved one imposes a lot of pressure and that’s because a marriage proposal can only happen once in a lifetime! And so, you want it memorable and perfect. After you’ve gotten the nerve to ask that question, you’ll want it to be creative and romantic. To help you out, here are some sweet proposal ideas to help you make that once-in-a-lifetime moment be memorable.


a If your girl is a bookworm and she loves going to bookstores and libraries, this is something that she will truly appreciate. Write her a book or a scrapbook of your adventures together. It can include your pictures from those days when you were just starting out to be couples, or your road trips, and all others!


b If your girl love shoes and loves to be treated like a princess, give her a glass shoe that perfectly fits her! For sure, she will go nuts with this. It will be a start of your happy ever after!


c Want the whole neighborhood to see how you propose to your girl? Why not try doing it with a firetruck! She will have mixed emotions hearing the siren, but once you come out in a tux with red roses for her, she will totally fall for it!


This is great for an adventurous couple! With a help of family and friends, parachuting together while they set this up will make your girl experience that adrenaline rush with extreme happiness of landing together with you!

GIVE HER A PAINTING e They say that when you paint, you paint what your heart is filled with — and that’s exactly the point! Show her your admiration and extreme love by painting her the things she likes or anything that reminds you of her. You don’t have to be an expert in this, you just have to pour your heart out! This is something she will really appreciate. Every time she’ll look at it, she’ll be reminded of that special day she said yes to you.


Breaking a fortune cookie was said to give you a prophecy of some sort. Letting your girl have a fortune cookie with a ring inside it? Well, that’s talking about a definite future that you are offering her! WRITE ABOUT YOUR LOVE ON THE PAVEMENT g Tell her how much she means to you by confessing your love by writing on a pavement. It may be lyrics of the song you both love, or it can be message to your future wife!

USED CARS "DCIM109GOPRO" Use cars in the parking area! This is a unique idea of surprising your working girl inside the building! It is both creative and sweet, and that’s something that the both of you will tell your children in the future!

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