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Movies, as they age, tend to be a little bit off the chart in terms of their story line and cinematography. When you watch them now, the old block office hits appears to be like an average movies today because of watcher’s hunger for more.

However, there are movies that fell on their podiums right before they hit stardom because of the approach that viewers deem “for the sake of filming”.

Most of the internet moviegoers agree that the following are one of those Movies with Unsettling Plots:


Splice (2009)


Genetic engineering at its best! Splice has never  failed on amazing the science field by its concept about the possibility of crossed hybrid between men and animals. Why is it entitled as ‘Splice’ by the way?

But the biggest question lies on how the guy scientist (see poster) ever fell in love with the hybrid which they treated as they daughter and eventually had sex with it? Aside from the unsettling story line, it is listed as having a most disturbing love scene in history.

Prometheus (2012)


Is it about aliens? Sort.

About Radiation? Sort.

About outer space adventure? Maybe.

Overall, Prometheus has a very good cinematography and special effects – they grabbed five stars for that. However, just one comment could ruin everything – “It’s all over the place.

Seriously, there is a plot but it is unsettling. The movie is about a mad scientist pressured to find the evidence to prove his research then here goes the “outer space disease” due to radiation or energy that creates a negative physical changes in humans. Bottom line – it’s too complex for viewer’s appreciation.

The Matrix Revolution (2003)


Overall movie, the movie is an applause. Just like any other Matrix trilogy movie, the breath taking fight scenes, complicated issues and systematic approach to connect each situation to another is absolutely awesome.

But, the meaty part is, how did it end again?

Supposedly, there should be some sort of explanation if Neo is to die at the end of the puzzle. But the movie is a little bit hanging which invalidates the total impact of the brilliance of the whole thing from start to finish.

 A Space Odyssey (2001)


Movie standard age with time. The more updated the movie is, the more expectation is carried out with it. A Space Odyssey feeds the fantasy of space information hungry viewers that will look more on its effects and storyline.

Do not get the critics wrong, there is beauty in its plot. The movie is a little bit dragging and slow that viewers could lose it in the middle of the story. And that would downgrade the whole work of art.

 Lucy (2014)


Who doesn’t adore ScarJo? Gosh, she’s like the hottest actress in Hollywood at present. But, critics have proven their objectivity to give actual comments by labeling the recent controversial movie LUCY as one of the baseless movies in history. Ouch!

Although it is a science fiction, it is the job of the writers to attach the sense of possibility in a story plot. Yet for the case of the ScarJo movie, this has brought a wonder movie viewers regret on spending their money with.

That’s all for now, more posts about interesting movie facts are coming up!

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