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Sex isn’t love, not always.

Gravely, the world of media has projected a type of fundamental framework to associate love with sex. Love cannot be associated with sex – lust is.

I understand that well all have saved the memory of our first sex – the moment we have given up our virginity to someone we thought could feed up our fantasies and dreams about that long awaited time. Some would say that it was magical, painful or just fine.

Well, mine? I lost my virginity to someone I didn’t love.

It was high school. The days between youth and adulthood when everything seems to wrong and right all at the same time. I was 15 when I decided to get out and get a life like a normal teenage girl who deserves to be noticed just before prom.

The Boy

He’s a typical high school skater boy – about a year older than me. We met in the most unnerving way that I almost regret  of happening today. I shouldn’t have crossed that hallways before – a place in the university I do not usually visit – where he saw me for the first time.

From that day, my locker is filled with roses and lavender sticks without my consent. I kind of like it.

He was kind of perfect, except for the fact that my parents did not like him for me. I have to kill the fire right before it sparks.

The Idol

I grew popular in school because of the news – that the famous bad boy likes me so much. One day, a cute fair guy came to me for a talk unexpectedly. I know him – he is nothing but a teenage heartthrob I once featured in our school paper.

Because I was famous in a manner I did not deserve, he wanted to go to the prom with me. Well, I refused the offer.

The Prom

For some rational excuses, I have convinced everyone that I do not need a partner. I was kind of hoping for skater boy to show up and ask me instead yet he was absent for class for weeks.

Like I said, I regret crossing the path where we met. In that same spot, I saw the two lovers I identified with a green monster hugging them to kiss. Skater boy saw me, astonished. For the rescue, the heartthrob caught me in the arm to save me from the situation.

The Mistake


I drank too much at the after party. So, you may ask, did the heartthrob and I did it?

Well . . .

It doesn’t matter now.

In life, there are things once done, they will never be changed by anyone on earth again. Think before you act, that was the general rule.

So, did I enjoy my first sex?

Of course! It was sweet and slow in the most romantic pace. The night was so perfect with one flaw – I did it with someone I did not love.



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