There are lessons in writing we could actually use in real life. To start off, here is a question: can you remember the very first word you blurted out?

You might not be able to remember it yet for sure, your mother keeps a record in a small baby book free straight from your pediatrician’s office.

Another question: can you remember the first song you’ve ever memorized?

Let me guess, an excerpt from Annie? Sound of music? Disney? It was a lot of fun, I bet. (wink)

Now, down to the big time five-second mini-melancholy reverie: what was the first letter you’ve ever written?

Yes, everyone can feel you, darling. No one could compare both the thrill and anxiety in writing your first masterpiece – your name.

However, writing is about life. There are way off to writing where you can actually use it in real life.


Life is Hard


And so is writing. Yet, do you remember the time when you mom used the tricks of positive and negative reinforcements of cookies and milk to clad you with perseverance in finishing your name up with a colored crayon on paper? You had enough of your mom having her nose on your writing – no way for your life, good gracious!


Back to Basics


If everything goes wrong, you can always go back to basics. In debate, as a strategy, if your opponent is getting the life out of you, the least thing you can do is critic their grammar. Life has its own glitches. You could start by realizing that it is a miserable bastard with no love life to be bitter about.


No One Reads It

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Most writerss to have readers. Same in life. People just tend to desire the world to look up to their life story then eventually would use them as inspiration to solve problems such as hunger and world peace. Who doesn’t want the spotlight, anyway?

Wanna know a secret? Just keep going. In no time, you would be able to generate traffic in your life.

 People Overdo It

giphy (2)

Less is not an option. As long as you can handle the pressure to maintain the level of calmness in overdoing it, no crime has been done yet. Just take it easy, reread and reread your composition before you end your night – that is, to reflect in your sleep what have gone wrong in your day.

People Throw Rocks on Things that Shine

giphy (3)

Critics, darling. Critics everywhere.The more the traffic you get, the more readers you have, then the bloodier it is. Learn to shield your fans, filter your website comments and get a positive perspective to turn criticism into positive encouragements.

Life is like writing. It’ sometimes, messy, neat or out of place at the wrong time with the wrong readers. But remember that JK Rowling had to be rejected 12 times to be appreciated big time.

Rudolph Musngi

Rudolph is the mind that spawned this mischief. He is purely evil and loves to plot evil things. He pretends for a living. Everyday he goes to work and faces the world like he's the nicest guy ever.

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