After puzzling crime experts for over a hundred years, the world may have finally learned who Jack the Ripper really is.

A new book entitled Naming Jack the Ripper was released this week. The book discusses the identity of the famous serial killer with the help of DNA analysis.

The book says that Jack the Ripper was a man named Aaron Kosminski, a barber and Polish immigrant who resided London in the late 19th century and was later found out to be insane and put in an asylum.

In 2006, Scotland Yard received notes from Kominski’s descendants and noted that Aaron “had a great hatred of women…with strong homicidal tendencies”.


Kominski came from Poland as he fled from Russian persecution and resided in 1881 at Mile End, east London. He was listed as a barber in Whitechapel but was sent to lunatic asylums and died in 1899 after contracting gangrene in his leg.

Kominski has been one of suspects for murdering five women in London. Russell Edwards, the author of the book says that he determined the identity of Jack even if he was not a professional criminal investigator. He is, however, a London history junkie.

How did he find out who Jack the Ripper was?

Thanks to a shawl with blood and semen stains.

“By 2007, I felt I had exhausted all avenues until I read a newspaper article about the sale of a shawl connected to the Ripper case  Its owner, David Melville-Hayes, believed it had been in his family’s possession since the murder of Catherine Eddowes, when his ancestor, Acting Sergeant Amos Simpson, asked his superiors if he could take it home to give to his wife, a dressmaker. Incredibly, it was stowed without ever being washed, and was handed down…”Edwards said


He then went to Jari Louhelainen, a professor of molecular biology, and had the DNA samples from the shawl analyzed and compared it to a descendant of Kominski’s sister. The match yielded 99.2 per cent from the first strand of DNA. Eventually, they perfected it in the second strand.

Of course, this is not the first time someone said they solved the mystery.

Over the years, there have been a lot of people claiming that they cracked the case. Just last year, a crime writer named Patricia Cornwell “cracked” the case after a decade of work and said the Jack the Ripper was a British artist named Walter Sickert.

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