Heartwarming Love Story

Animated short films are slowly becoming a hit these days. With more and more artists trying on this new field, and with a market like the social media to warmly receive it, there is no denying that these films will be shared and soon become popular.

I stumbled upon this Heartwarming Love Story between Jinxy Jenkins and Lucky Lou. It’s a story about two people on the opposite sides of the pole who made things right. As you may guess, Jinxy Jenkins is an unlucky man. From his looks, you will readily see that Jenkins seems sad. He has deep eyebags, an almost expression-less face, and a very dark aura. When he goes outside the house, it rains. When he gets his umbrella, the rain stops. Accidents also are common for him, and usually, he ends up accidentally hurting himself.

Lucky Lou, on the other hand, is fortunate. She is outgoing, beautiful and bright. When she passes by the wilted flowers, they magically bloom back into shape. When she passes by slot machines, they yield jackpots. All her life Lou feels like everything was given to her.

One day, the two decided to take a walk. And guess who they found. If your answer is they found each other, cheers for you because you are right.

They embark on a short adventure that is at all reasons cheesy, because you both know that they are both attracted to each other but they are just too shy to blurt it out!

Get ready to see instant weather changes, amazing trolley rides, parachute umbrellas and may more!

I won’t spoil you with the details, you probably won’t read this anyway. So, here’s the heartwarming video of Jinxy Jenkins and Lucky Lou.

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Rudolph Musngi

Rudolph is the mind that spawned this mischief. He is purely evil and loves to plot evil things. He pretends for a living. Everyday he goes to work and faces the world like he's the nicest guy ever.

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