Negative Art Images

At first glance, the following drawings below don’t make any sense. They just look like drawings some drunk guy did. In fact, at first glance, you wouldn’t see something amazing in these images, right? They are not amazing images at all!

This image looks like a person’s eye at first glance. But nothing too special.
1This one seems like a bespectacled dude picking using a toothpick(?)


And this looks like a poorly drawn image of Sean Bean as Eddard Stark in Game of Thrones


But images are not for people who go with one look and say, “Uhmm, this one’s pretty nice.” or “Yeah, it looks great”. No. These works of art are for guys who go beyond what they see. Because apparently, these drawings are more amazing and awesome than they seem to be.

After running the images through Photoshop, the images were inverted into negative. Here’s what they looked like:


What seems to be a poorly drawn image of a boy’s face is actually a detailed illustration!


Once you ran them into negative filters, you’ll realize that they are actually amazing images and the attention to detail put by its artist is way beyond “pretty nice” and “just great”.


They are actually wonderful drawings, and the genius stroke behind them is not easy to replicate.

What is the secret behind these images?

Chetmayor, the one who posted these images via imgur, revealed that his schoolmate drew these images in a level of difficulty that was beyond compare. Most comments posited that the artist just printed negatives of the subject he wants to draw and started from there. But Chetmayor revealed that it’s not that easy. The artist, according to him, does the negative processing in his head.

So in short, he really was badass.

Here are some of his other works:

8 5

And perhaps the closing punch in these images is this drawing of Darth Vader:


Oops. Here’s the negative version:


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