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There is no denying how awesome Google is. With the many products Google provides us, it’s normal to think Google is really serious about what they do. However, that is not entirely true. Google allows a little bit of fun too, okay more than a little bit! Case in point, they leave different gimmicks in their main product, the Google search engine and give us some break from all the tiring office or school work we may have.

I present to you, some Google secret functions that you may have not known yet. Let’s go:


Zerg Rush

zerg rush

This game frustrates me because it’s so awesome!

Search Using Voice



Tired of typing? Try Googling using your voice!

Translate Words


Do you wanna sound like a polyglot? Try this.

Calculate Tips


Too hungry to think about tips? Google will help you tip that waiter.

Use it as a timer


On a tight schedule? Time everything using your search engine.

Tilt Google



Want some neck exercise? This might help.

Check sunrise and sunset time



Check sunrise and sunsets everywhere, because it’s so romantic and cool.

Site-specific searches


Wanna find out more stories from Dangling Mouse? Try this feature

Search all the songs by your favorite bands


Did you just fall in love with this band? Okay, here are all their songs.

Recursion Loop


I’ve been stuck here. Darn you Google.

Play Pacman


Throw it back, Pacman style.

See movies showing around any areamovies-showing

Know what movie will you watch before you even leave the house

Know  Upcoming Movie release dates


Excited to watch Avengers 2? Here’s when will it be released.

Search by Image


Say you found a great picture of a beach and would want to go there. But you have no idea where it is! Google can help you find it.

Search for Holidays


Prepare for holidays through Google

Get the latest weather forecasts


Should you bring an umbrella today? Find out.

Compare Food


Still stuck with the Pizza vs Lasagna argument? Google will present you some details to help you decide.

Track commercial flights


Know when  your husband’s plane will land using this flight tracker.

Display a Pole on search results


I don’t know what this pole is for, really.

Know word etymologies


Be all snobby with etymologies.

Use Google as a dictionary


You will never need a dictionary again.

And a unit converter


Because converting manually? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Find the basic details about a company


Do you have an interview for a company tomorrow? It’s not too late to research about it!

Search for your favorite author’s books


For book lovers and fanboys and girls out there.

Be awesome and do a barrel roll

barrel roll

They see Google rollin, they lovin’.

Or maybe play Atari Breakout

atari breakout

Again, throwback games!

Play with anagrams



Because words are such fun toys to play with.

Ride a time machine to 1998


The ultimate throwback! LOL

Rudolph Musngi

Rudolph is the mind that spawned this mischief. He is purely evil and loves to plot evil things. He pretends for a living. Everyday he goes to work and faces the world like he's the nicest guy ever.

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