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Some days you wake up and realize that you hate your life. Other times you feel like you’ve run out of energy. It’s time to get your mojo back and feel ALIVE again!

TL;DR: do something different. Go travel, unplug from the internet, go crazy with your private life, and hop on a craft.

Travel or Explore


photo credit: pepe50

Go to places you’ve never been to, be it on an exotic oriental land or the outskirts of your town where the ghost of a crazy lumberjack is said to roam at night. Seriously, just go. By yourself or with a friend. Why is this important and how does this recharge your mojo?

You have come to a point where everything is either at a standstill or in decline, probably nothing is going right, and nothing will ever go right if you don’t change something. It’s like resetting your life on a small scale. By dipping your senses into new places, your mind will run about and ask itself, “wait, what’s happening? This is different from our daily routine!”

Even better, go to a place where no one knows you.

When was the last time you were excited?

Unplug from the Internet


photo credit: photosteve101

If your daily routine involves checking your Facebook or Twitter every five minutes, you might want to take a step back and pull the plug even for just an entire day. Or an entire weekend.

I once spent an entire week without electricity because of a typhoon. It was one of the most peaceful days of my life. I got to play with my cats more, listen to my mom’s stories, talk to my younger brother longer, read a couple of books, and still had enough time to just lazy around and feel “empty” in a positive way.

Try it. Even for just a day. Then two days, then an entire week. I know someone who did it for an entire month.

Be Stupid, Be Crazy


photo credit: artolog

Believe it or not, everyone is trying their hardest not to act stupid. Being stupid is one of the gears that operates humans, it’s always there, it never leaves, and we are all trying to hide it. And it takes great effort to do so.

Do something stupid for yourself. Eat an entire tub of ice cream then drink three cups of coffee and don’t take a shower for the entire weekend. Lock your door and dance like a maniac. Sing a song you don’t know the lyrics of at the top of your lungs. Write fanfiction.

Do stupid things at the privacy of your home, where no one knows what’s up.

Your daily life sure is boring enough, with all the farce and societal standards you have to uphold. Why not be stupid and do crazy things as your personal act of defiance?

Only you should know about this, of course.

Build Something You Can Call Your Own


photo credit: Kup Kup Land

Write a poem, draw a cute puppy, paint your favorite landscapes, sculpt your own bust, or try fixing that broken electric fan. It doesn’t matter what, but gosh darn it do something that you can call your own. It’s not important if the outcome is sparkling or terrible, just do something.

Also known as: find a hobby, a craft, and have fun with it.

Gardening is nice, too! Baking cookies, small construction projects for your hamster, sew your own plush toys, anything. You catch my drift.

To End

Routine kills. It’s the little changes in our daily lives that keeps us going. If you feel like you’re not doing anything productive or fulfilling, change something. It doesn’t matter if it’s something small or big, just change something. Daily.

Don’t sit still. Move!

Featured image by Takashi(aes256).

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It's hard being a single father, but I really wouldn't know because I don't have kids. I'm a writer, web developer, cat lover, and I earn money by making people want to do things.

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