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The world loves chocolate! And in relation to the world-wide celebration of Chocolate Day, we prepared some chocolate facts you do not know. Here are a few things about chocolate that will make you crave more:

Hershey’s Chocolate produces more than 80 million Kisses everyday


Hersheys use machines to produce a jaw dropping number of 80 million bite sized kiss shaped chocolates. Boy, that’s a lot of Kisses!

During the 1840s, Cadbury made the first chocolate bar in history


In 1847, Cadbury produced “Fry’s Chocolate” which was made from a mixture of cocoa power, sugar with some melted cocoa butter which was extracted from the cacao beans.

Cote d’Ivoire is the largest cocoa produce in the world, with over 40% of the world supplied


Although the country holds this astounding record, it suffers from criticism as the industry has encouraged child slavery. It’s sad though.

The Aztecs are credited for inventing chocolate, more than 3000 years ago


Although more than an item for dessert nowadays, chocolate was once regarded as a beverage and is drank like alcohol.

When you are depressed, you are bound to eat 55% more chocolate than your non-depressed peers

Portrait of sad young girl with the big chocolate

In 2010, the Archives of Internal Medicine has released a study which claims that depressed people tend to eat more chocolate than those who are not.

As of 2012, Switzerland leads the world in chocolates eaten


During 2012, an average Swiss consumes 11.9 kg of chocolate per capita. A regular bar is commonly 40-45 g heavy so that means a regular Swiss eats almost 250 bars a week!

There is a place called “Chocolate Avenue” in Hershey Pennsylvania where street lights are in the shape of Hershey Kisses


In Hershey, Pennsylvania , there is a street called Chocolate Avenue that runs past the original Hershey’s factory.

Ancient Mayans refer to chocolate as “food of the gods


Who doesn’t feel like god when he eats chocolate?

Cocoa Butter‘s melting point is almost as the same as the mouth’s temperature, so chocolates really melt in your mouth


It melts in  34.1 º C, which is close to the mouth’s normal temperature. So that means chocolate really melts in your mouth!

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