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Sometimes, the things that scares us the most are not the things we know. It’s the things that we don’t. There are mysteries that always gives us the goose pimples because of how creepy they are, not to mention unsolved. And perhaps, they will remain that way. Here are some of the terrifying unsolved murder cases just lurking around.

Take note that some are totally bizarre and disturbing, so read on.

The Alphabet Murders


Early in the 1970s, a group of young girls were brutally murdered in Rochester, New York. The victims were named Carmen Colon, Wanda Walkowicz, and Michelle Maenza. Yes, the serial killer targeted young girls with alliterative initials.

The best lead suspect was cleared in 2007 with the help of DNA testing.

These serial killings were adapted as the “Hillside Strangler” in California had striking similarities to the Alphabet murders. But the strangler was never charged.

Bible John


Bible John was a serial murderer who killed three young women after meeting them at the Barrowland Ballroom in Glasgow, Scotland. The murders happened between 1968 and 69. As of today, the killer is still unidentified and the case is cold and open.

The best description so far was from the victim’s sister. He described Bible John as well-dressed, tall, slim and with reddish to fair hair. He was also polite and well-spoken.

The Bone Collector


A dog walker in West Mesa, Albuquerque, New Mexico found human remains in 2009. It was later found out that it is one of the largest crime scenes in US history. An unknown killer dumped 11 bodies in this area earning the name Bone Collector. Later, it was found out that all the victims were prostitutes.

Highway of Tears

Highway_of_Tears (1)

The Highway of Tears is a road along the 500-mile section of Highway 16 between Prince George and Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada. The murders occured from 1969 to 2011! There were a total of 18 victims but authorities estimate that there were 43 people most likely to have died in there.

The Zodiac Killer


The Zodiac Killer became active in Northern California in the late 60s and early 70s. Up to now, his identity remains unknown. His had murdered four men and three women aging from 16 to 29. He earned the nickname for the series of letters he sent to the press taunting police officers in the Bay Area.

Jack The Ripper

tumblr_inline_mhf1wxL3dP1qz4rgp (1)

Perhaps there is no other murderer famous in London as Jack the Ripper. Jack terrorized Whitechapel London in 1888 with multiple murders of prostitutes. The killings were of note because the victims’ throats were cut and the abdomens mutilated. These attacks against women during this era led to many beliefs that there is a possibility that they are not done by one person; with 11 murders stretching form April 3, 1888 to February 1891.

JonBenét Ramsey

jonbenet ramsey

JonBenét Ramsey was an child beauty queen in America who was viciously murdered in her home in Boulder, Colorado in 1996. Ramsey was only six years old. Her body was found eight hours after she was declared missing. The police found her in the basement of the family home. She had been struck on the head and strangled. Up to now, this murder still remains unsovled.

The Lead Masks Case


A boy in Brazil found two corpses in 1996. Bodies both wearing suits and later identified as local electronic technicians were found dead. In the crime scene, a bottle was found near the bodies. Both men were also wearing lead masks that protected radiation. There was also a small notebook that was found. It read

“16:30 be at the agreed place. 18:30 swallow capsules, after effect protect metals wait for the mask sign.”

The capsules have been responsible for the men’s death but the police are still clueless about why there were taken or what they were.

The Taman Shud Case


In 1948 a man was found dead on the beach. There were no recognizable signs of trauma or traces of being poisoned. The police cannot figure how he died.

The man has been found with identifications. And what was notable was a strange note written in the secret pocket of his pants saying “Tamam Shud” which means “ended”.

The police later discovered that the note was from a rare collection of poems called “The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam”. It was found on a car near the crime scene. Inside of the book was a small coded message that up to this point creeps the hell out of cryptologists:


The Black Dahlia


Actress Elizabeth Short was found dead in LA on January 15, 1947. She was cut in half and drained of blood. The corners of her mouth were sliced 3 inches on both sides leaving her face opened to a wide grin. The police worked with the press to solve the case but no arrests have been made as of today.

Truly, these cases, no matter how long they have stayed cold are still terrifying. But at one point they are sad stories of injustice and longing for answers. Share these stories to your friends.

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