Best Friends Feat

Being a best friend to someone entails a lot of unwritten rules. Most of these are common sense but many still fail to acknowledge them.

I know that you are someone’s best friend, but are you best-friending enough? Are you doing everything you can as a best friend?

If your best friend asks for help, drop everything and help

This is particularly true if your best friend doesn’t usually ask for your help. Also, take into account the urgency of his/her voice, timing, and words. You don’t want to be remembered as someone who didn’t help when it was asked of you.

Besides, it’s what best friends do, they complement each others life.

You act as their filter and BS detector


photo credit: Victoria Cabral

Your best friend loves someone you used to hate? To a degree you have to trust your friend that they found a redeeming quality in that person, but keep a close watch and tell them when something dangerous might pop up.

If your best friend is about to say or do something stupid, call them out on it. Best friends don’t let each other do stupid things (unless it’s for fun, then by all means!).

You are best friends, you can be honest. You can tell them how you feel about people and the people around them. Under the clause that you are doing it for their well being, of course.

You have to be honest, brutally honest

You are not best friends if you can’t be honest with each other. You are not best friends if you can’t say that you think she applied too much makeup or he is too thin and should eat more and workout at the gym.

You should be brutally honest with each other, especially when the situation calls for it. Again, you should complement each others’ lives, and that involves discussing about the rough stuff in life.

You are your best friend’s password protected archive

Your best friend will tell you a lot of things that not even her parents or lover would ever know of. It is your duty to remember all of these details for your friend, but never divulge them under any circumstances. Use your knowledge of your best friend to make her life better. Use it for goooood.

Of course this is dangerous because you may have some falling apart in the future, but if you are best friends…

You know that in the event of a falling apart, your secrets are still safe with each other


photo credit: EltonHarding

It doesn’t matter if you guys or gals want to kill each other, you were best friends and gosh darnit you will keep each others’ secrets until the end of time. You entered this pact since the day you realized you were best friends, and nothing, not even Archangel Michael’s flaming sword can release you two from that.

To End

Deep friendship develops from shared experiences down to shared interests, and often both. The points above are meant to be ingrained in your soul. If you are someone’s best friend you bet your ass you need to follow those five rules no matter what the cost.

Note: I intentionally switched personal pronouns (he, she, etc) throughout this post.

Featured image by ルーク.チャン.チャン.

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