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Life doesn’t simply happen. It doesn’t make a fulfilling life by itself too. You need to take action, right now. So that years or decades from now you will look back and say that you have and are living a fulfilling life. That’s the dream, right? To look back and say that you’ve done good.

Understand That There Is No Tomorrow

life-fulfilling-life-4 Realize that dreams don’t turn themselves into reality. If you are thinking that there will be a day when, by magical luck, everything will fall into their own place and help you achieve your dream, then you are never going to achieve a single thing. Act on your dreams now.

This is not a fairy tale where a prince will come and help you or a white witch will grant you powers. This is reality and it sucks big time. Especially to those whose lives are ruled by inaction. No, that self-made millionaire didn’t become a millionaire because she said she’ll just work on her big project tomorrow. That restaurateur in his 40s is probably enjoying his life now because he managed to build his dream restaurant.

Other people travel, learn how to play the guitar, violin, or piano, some pursue writing. And they’re doing something for it. They don’t put it off for tomorrow because they realize that there is no such thing as tomorrow. Do something, even the first step to the first step as long as it will get you closer to your dreams, inch by inch.

Take action right NOW!

Just Show Up

life-fulfilling-life-3 photo credit: pedrosimoes7

Also known as “Just Do It”.

Live a life of “okay then” rather than “what ifs”.

Many people are paralyzed by too much thinking. “Should I bring this? Should I wear that? What if this happens, what if that happens, what should I do?”

This is particularly true for people who believe they are living a boring life. Don’t want a boring life? Just do it, just show up. When a friend calls you for lunch, just show up. A trip to the beach? Just show up. Do it.

People who have gone on lots of adventures just showed up and took it from there. No over-analyzing, over-thinking, and over-cautiousness involved. If you don’t travel now, you won’t have enough time in your 30s or 40s to do so. If you don’t read good books now, what makes you think you’ll have the time in the future?

If you don’t go out on an adventure with friends, get lost and get all muddy and bruised, what are you going to tell your grandchildren about?

Grandma is so boring. *rolls eyes*

Do Things By Yourself

life-fulfilling-life-2 photo credit: eliot.

Go out on an adventure by yourself, go to the movies alone, and organize a fun Saturday night all by yourself. Start depending on yourself more and more and less on other people.

If you want to watch a movie, go tell your friends where you’ll be at and let them decide if they’ll come and join you or not. Either way, you’ll have fun, whether you watch it by yourself or with friends. That is the secret. Let people tag along but do not count on them. Want to go to the gym but your friends don’t want to join you? Should that really stop you from going?

I am not saying that you should strive hard to become a social reject. What I’m saying is that in order to be a fun and fulfilled person, you need to love yourself first, be comfortable with yourself. What this does is it fortifies your mind and emotions.

When you realize that you can do things by yourself, without needing anyone for help, you will notice that people will start flocking towards you because to them you seem to be someone who “understands how life works”.

To End

That’s the secret to a fulfilling life. The formula is simple:

Fulfilling life = do it now + don’t think too much + do it by yourself.

This is the very definition of freedom in 13 words.

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