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Learn new things in order to grow. The only people who don’t grow are the dead. For as long as you live, make it a habit to learn different things. Yes, you will be bad at them at first, but you’ll be good in no time. That’s how it works. I’m not saying that your goal should be mastery, no, your goal is to understand as much as you can about the world.

To Remind Yourself That You Know Nothing


By Patrik Goethe

With every new art or craft you dip yourself into you will realize that you know nothing. Of course you will be terrible at painting during your first few days with a brush and canvas. The same goes for playing the piano or violin, martial arts, reading a new genre, writing, dancing, singing, swimming, and basically everything you haven’t tried just yet.

It is important to constantly remind yourself that you know nothing about the world. That you have a lot to learn, and even a lot more you’d probably never learn in your lifetime. Saying that you know nothing is easy, but experiencing the despair of not being able to properly sing a song, write a coherent paragraph, and swim like a dolphin is a better reminder of just how little you are.

But why is this important?

Most of the time people get too absorbed by what they do to the point where they think they’re the best at it. Half of these people think of themselves as superior, that others are inferior to them. This is inevitable, this is what happens when to people when they don’t move for long periods of time. They grow roots and become rigid and self-absorbed.

Be humbled by the world at large by making yourself realize that you know nothing.

To Understand People Better


By Caleb George

I used to think of rappers as weird along with people who listen to them. But that was until I listened to rap for an entire day. Though I still don’t find the lyrics to my liking, I somehow understood that there is a catchy tune behind rap.

It is true that you will never truly understand other people until you put yourself in their shoes. If you find someone weird or different, don’t spend your life thinking why they’re like what they are. It is your duty to understand your fellow humans!

To Expand Your View Of The World


By Steven Lewis

Unless you are rich or super frugal and a master planner with little attachments to the world, you can see the whole world and learn of its many different cultures. This is the world you are living in and it is your duty to understand how it works.

Some would go out on a world tour in order to feel connected with its people, but many (though still few) will dip their lives in different arts, trades, and crafts in order to have a peek of how the world works.

This section is basically a rehash of the second, about how learning new things helps in understanding people. But this one is on a grander scale. You not only learn about how people’s minds work, but you also learn about how the world operates. Its history, where it is headed, and who are living in it.

To End

The world is huge and if you will just sit back and relax without the goal of learning anything new once in a while, you might as well be mistaken for a dead tree.

Go, learn new things! Learn a language, learn how to compose a song, play video games that you haven’t played before, talk to strangers, cook a different cuisine, and many more!

You should care for as long as you are alive.

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It's hard being a single father, but I really wouldn't know because I don't have kids. I'm a writer, web developer, cat lover, and I earn money by making people want to do things.

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