Mildly Interesting Things

There are uninteresting stuff, super interesting stuff, and then there are mildly interesting things that are just so satisfying to look at. These are the little things in our everyday lives that we tend to not notice until we shut up for a few seconds and admire the view.

So, are you having a slow day like mine? Heh, I’m terribly bored so I compiled 15 mildly interesting things that you too may enjoy. But even though they are just mildy interesting, they’re still fun!

1. This Perfectly Drawn Bracket


Go on, try to draw a bracket as perfect as this one. I know you want to try it at least once.

2. These fingers without wrinkles


Because the owner of these fingers can’t bend them.

3. This toilet at a Dutch supermarket that lets you test their toilet paper


It can also serve as a voting poll. The fewer the sheets, the more trusted the brand.

4. This interesting artwork that shows a different artwork in the mirror


And all of a sudden everyone wants one.

5. This hydrophobic artwork that only shows up when it’s raining


You can do something like this by owning a Never Wet.

6. These guys driving around playing live music


I want to be their friend.

7. This jet’s trail that looks like it took off with the help of a roller coaster tracks


8. This book spine that looks exactly like this woman


It looks exactly like her. Even the hair!

9. This calculator…wait, this mouse that..wait, this mouse calculator.


I’m not entirely sure which came first, the computer mouse or the calculator.

10. How these snails in an aquarium ate everything in the carrot except for the skin


These snails are picky eaters.

11. This tree that still has its leaves because of the street lamp above it


It’s autumn, going winter, and this tree had the brilliance to put up its own light source.

12. This perfectly triangular stone found in a river


Or maybe it’s a fossilized Dorito.

13. This security camera with a wiper on


I bet it also leaves some grease stains.

14. This cloud with perfectly straight edges


Hello customer support? I think something is wrong with my graphics card.

15. This pill with mini-pills


We need to go deeper!

Rean John Uehara

It's hard being a single father, but I really wouldn't know because I don't have kids. I'm a writer, web developer, cat lover, and I earn money by making people want to do things.

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