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Retro games are just awesome, especially if you were old enough to play them during their golden age. You still remember all the sick Super Mario runs you had, those days when a pint of ice cream and some extra batteries are all that mattered. It was great back then, right? Everything was just simple. No mortgages, no loans, no corporate issues whatsoever. Just days of being kid, and having fun.

Oh these are still fresh in my memory. That’s why when I stumbled upon these pixel art wallpapers, I can’t help but feel old, but at the same time, awesome.

Disclaimer: might cause severe nostalgia.

PS: You can click on the image to view their full resolution.

01 - bLxcjh3

02 - i8viCPK

03 - SYY2mJz

04 - WJFzrOG

05 - qlgoLVk

06 - UZWkzL5

07 - 8K6mZ1j

08 - h2DlPU1

09 - xChy58V

10 - 3TkFymp

11 - GqfEdJC

12 - FUAY5i8

13 - 6y5DJ0E

14 - qBoO5S9

15 - XzIV8Qk

16 - F3PkBNT

17 - 4FSyLqy

18 - wbsmaqr

19 - XNVVvnx

There you have it. I hope our short trip down there at the memory lane made you feel great. Now I’m grateful to have been born in the age where these games were the thing. Because not only they are beautiful but because they bring memories back of an awesome childhood without all the intricacies and issues of life. It’s good to be back, even if it’s just for a short time.

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