Apparently, there is an artist who does photorealistic artworks drawn with chalk.

Artists have always played with our eyes using photorealistic techniques used on different mediums like oil, pencil, or maybe ink. And honestly, I thought that there is no topping the difficulty, intricacy and beauty of those mediums.


Turns out, I was utterly wrong. I present unto you, Rubén Belloso Adorna of Seville, Spain. While most artists use traditional and more permanent mediums like oil, pencil and ink, he does it differently. For all his creations, he uses chalk to draw mind-boggling and enormously magnificent paintings. What makes Adorna’s art noteworthy is that they are extremely detailed, you will think they are photographs.

Ruben uses chalk pastels in his magnificent artworks. Every stroke makes you think that each painting he does is just some high-resolution photo to fool you. But I tell you, they are not. And even though it’s as mind boggling as it seems, these entail a lot of effort and time to do. In the pictures below, you will realize how much attention Ruben gives to details, and how he carefully draws each line and shade correctly.

Now 26, the artist has graduated with a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Seville. He was also recognized for his craft all over Spain. His work has also reached Italy and Portugal.

If you like art, or maybe would want your eyes to be fed with something amazing, the this article is for you! Prepared to see a showcase of artworks you would never believe. I’m not fooling with you when I said that these are not photographs. Take a good look!

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