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I remember reading a six word story attributed to Ernest Hemingway, it said, “For sale: Baby shoes. Never worn.”  And that started a curious wonder for sad six word stories.

Although there really is no solid proof  saying that Hemingway did write the story, it is believed that he wrote it to win a bet. He challenged a few writers that he could write a six-word story that could make people cry. And he did.

Because the six-word format was so good, a few other people followed in. I have collected a few stories that follow the format. I like these stories because, well, they are short but sharp. Like daggers that pierce through your flesh, they bring out pains in your heart you never knew you had. They are kept short just so it can adjust to the degrading attention span of today’s world but are jam-packed with feelings.

I won’t keep you much longer, here they are:

Painfully, he changed “is” to “was.”


“Wrong number,” says a familiar voice.


The smallest coffins are the heaviest.


Brought roses home. Keys didn’t fit.


First sentient robot: “Turn me off.”


Paramedics finished her text, “…love you”.


Introduced myself to mother again today.


“I’m faking Alzheimers.” said Granddad. Again.


Birth certificate. Death certificate. One pen.


“Just married!” read the shattered windshield.


Finally spoke to her. Left flowers.


Met my soulmate. At her wedding.


“I do,” she said, as told.


 So, how are the stories? Did you like them? What was your favorite? Mine was Painfully, he changed “is” to “was.”  Do you have a six-word story that you can share to us? Post your reactions at the comments section below. And if you find this article shareable, please hit the social buttons below.

Rudolph Musngi

Rudolph is the mind that spawned this mischief. He is purely evil and loves to plot evil things. He pretends for a living. Everyday he goes to work and faces the world like he's the nicest guy ever.

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  1. melp

    I once had a best friend

  2. Nick Adams

    They prayed but God never came.

  3. ian

    we prayed, no change, brain cancer…

  4. Roberta

    omg aw at ” the smallest coffins are the heaviest “

  5. Justino

    Murió solo. Ya nadie lo recordaba.

  6. Nick

    Our secret………..Thats what daddy says.

  7. Jess

    On the toilet, forgot my phone.

  8. Jess

    I fell. He didn’t catch me.

    Wisdom teeth. Kidney stones. Broken heart.

  9. ian

    we saw the second plane hit

  10. ian

    five to six months left. cancer.

  11. Lin

    My baby brother Kenny…dead…overdose

  12. Rono

    “I gave up on love, twice…”

    and on a lighter note,

    “Phone on 3%, charger is upstairs.”

  13. Elijahforce

    ” don’t let me die”, her last words

  14. Elijahforce

    i can still smell her scent

  15. blackrose

    ”What’s youre return policy on rings?”
    ”Jumped.Then i changed my mind.”
    ”Siri,delete Mom from my contacts.”
    ”Mom taught me how to shave.”

    Not mine read them somewhere.

  16. Jason

    Married — just not to each other.

  17. earlywirgit

    “Lost both sons; still trust God”

  18. Jaykub

    Saw flames, heard screams, no exit

    first responders sometimes second to reaper

  19. John Mayo

    Why him? Why not me?
    Where did all my time go?
    Top speed. No helmet. No need.
    Take me, just take me instead.

  20. D. Scott

    “Don’t take my baby!”, I sobbed.

  21. earlywirgit

    “Losing fat is a slow process!”

  22. Earle Wright

    A true one for me . . . .

    “Two sons dead; still trust God.”

  23. chamman

    They went to school,never come back
    This is a real story of APS Peshawar…december 16,2014…. of those little angels who became the victims of terrorism!

  24. Lydia

    Second dead husband. Still no insurance.

  25. Lydia

    Two dead husbands. Still no insurance.

    Two dead husbands. Live, still.

  26. Danet

    Goodbye love, this time is forever….

  27. Debbie

    Jesus loves me, this I know

    1. Debbie

      For the Bible tells me so

  28. Patrick Jennings

    Indebted, tears fall on worthless diploma.

    1. Rudolph Musngi

      oh dear. :(

  29. Natasja

    Someone died. It can’t be me.

    1. Hamish

      Are you sure?

  30. McKJ

    Broken mirror, never can be fixed!

    Even the ice has to melt!

  31. Mariam Adnan

    Daddy”s goodnight kiss. She feared most.

    1. Rudolph Musngi


  32. John

    “’Just married!’ read the shattered windshield.” First, putting “Just married” and the shattered windshield together tells us a sad story. Second, the fact that “Just married” was painted on the windshield tells us that the person who put it there was either an idiot or a jealous suitor. Third, it tells us that the driver was an idiot or maybe the passenger, too.

  33. Greg

    There results were in: Obama again.

  34. Megan

    They want mom to identify him

  35. Lori Martin

    And the dress color is…fugly!

  36. Fish Jones

    For some reason, the robot one hit the hardest.

  37. Rose Green

    The daffodils still bloom without you.

    (For St David’s Day)

  38. Shannon

    …haven’t been happy over a year.

  39. Janraymond

    ” I have Alzheimer’s? Ice bucket challenge!!! “

  40. elvispizza

    Resonating word
    Haiku found within

  41. elvispizza

    Heart unbroken. Typical internet hype. Fail.

  42. Isq

    Sign reads, “Birthday Today!” Nobody arrives.

  43. Dave

    Tree fell in the forest…quietly?

  44. srose

    Awoke forgetting she was gone. Again.

  45. Dakota

    -I never heard her snore again.
    -My unborn child never kicked once.
    -Her hand slipped from his grasp.
    -One last time. “Don’t forget me.”

  46. Sophie

    Letter. “We regret to inform you…”

    1. Karrie

      Wow….I’m sorry.

  47. Stephanie

    Knowledge to share with no one.

    Then she cried, “i’m all alone.”

  48. Louisa Ellingham

    I don’t know if this has been mentioned yet, but these little stories are much like haiku, a form that also expresses a thought, a feeling, an emotion–in very few words.

  49. Tara

    His last words, “I won’t believe.”

  50. David Palko

    Veterinarian injecting. Breathing his last. Goodbye.

    1. Karrie

      Wow did this one hit a nerve.
      It reminded me of when my dog Elliott was dying and one day I looked out into the backyard and saw him trying to crawl under my ’68 Mustang. My heart sank. The vet told me that Elliott would let me know when it was time.

      I got my keys and called to him. He followed me and jumped right into the truck. When we got to the Vet’s office he got out and followed me to the door. When we went in, I went straight to the exam room and he followed.
      There was a sofa in the exam room and I sat down. Elliott jumped up and sat next to me, then scooted as close to me as he could. He laid his head in my lap. I tried not to cry, but tears streamed down my face, landing on his head and disappearing into his fur.
      When the vet came in, he said “Let’s get him up here” as he motioned to the exam table. I said “No, do it right here.” He tried to object, but I insisted. Elliott died in my arms. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

  51. Jennifer

    Mine: “It was over. Heartbroken, she left.”

  52. buttelf

    Pee burns. Shouldn’t have banged that.

    1. Rudolph Musngi

      Now that’s just sad

  53. ladypenny

    Will you? I will. One heart.

    First breath. First glimpse. True love. (Day my son was born)

  54. Keven

    Drove to store, forgot his wallet.

  55. Penny

    His “forever” ended. Hers continued alone.

  56. Penny

    “See you tomorrow!” Tomorrow never dawned.

    1. Rudolph Musngi

      End of the world? Or just his?

  57. Lili

    Best friend, expectancy 12 to 15.

  58. Kristian

    When he lives, Troy will fall.
    (Cassandre, daughter of Priam, King of Troy)

    1. Rudolph Musngi


  59. asgray6

    Icicle scars extinguished her soiled innocence.

  60. Jennifer

    “Mrs. Peter? My brother just died.”

    This was an actual quote from a phone conversation my sister had with our mother’s best friend. He wad dead; I was ten.

    1. Jennifer

      I accidentally hit send button twice.

      1. Rudolph Musngi

        I see what you did there.

  61. Jennifer

    “Mrs. Peter? My brother just died.”

    An actual sentence I heard my sister say on the phone to our mother’s best friend. He was dead; I was ten.

  62. Trish

    Wrote a letter, to a RTS.

  63. Sandi

    Her first kiss was his last.

    = = =

    They thanked her with a flag.

  64. ehna

    The wedding ring doesn’t fit anymore.

  65. Godwish Guy Murunga

    Godwish! Dont dare! It is over…

  66. luke

    No next of kin, only him.

    Dieing lonely has got to be one of the scariest/sadest things

  67. Mary Crawford

    It’s morning, she wakes in pain.

    He saw me, fell in love.

    I was cautious, burned by life.

    Came to believe, fell in love.

    Married my love, against all expectations.

    Married twenty-six years, two happy kids.

    All from wheelchair. Mom to Esq.

    Beat odds. Because love matters, differences don’t.

  68. Dinkyryder

    Darling I have it, it’s inoperable

  69. verite temple

    1) I know our time is limited…..
    2) six years one heartbreak your mine
    3) breathing slowly heartbeats faintly cancers killing
    4) lost soul beaten and bruised forgotten
    5) two words two rings two people
    6) one kiss one touch stolen moments
    7) eyes fading breath raspy hands shaky
    8) shattered future he died a hero
    9) leather frame old photograph lost soul

  70. H

    She took her first step. The metal clanged.

  71. Jasmine

    Mysterious villain. Locked inside. Body dies.

  72. Christine

    Heart embers died. Only ashes remain.

  73. coytle

    I told him flying was safe

  74. coytle

    I told him flying was safe….

    1. Karrie

      I actually said “wow” out loud when I read yours. Excellent and chilling.

  75. JDJ

    That’s only five…

  76. Richiepooh

    promised broken heart, left website disapointed

    1. Rudolph Musngi

      Oh god, sorry to disappoint you.

  77. Karrie

    He made his will in anger.

  78. Karrie

    He told the truth, to late.

  79. Karrie

    He promised me children. He lied.

  80. Carlton

    “Tomorrow would have been her birthday”

    “Thank you for your family’s sacrifice”

    “Yes officer, she was my daughter”

  81. Rich

    He knelt, she cried, together forever.

  82. Rich

    (How about a happy one?)
    Positive test. Nine months. Complete Family.

    1. Rudolph Musngi

      Unless she’s not your wife. 😛

  83. Rich

    Loved the water- his final home.

  84. Rich

    He jumped, chute didn’t open.

  85. Rich

    Pursued past, absent present, lost future.
    Chased my past, lost my future.

  86. krippton

    ….and her star winks at me.

  87. krippton

    Mom’s face glowed before she died.

  88. esther

    Its our 50th! Table for one.

  89. W

    I loved her, She never knew.

    1. Rudolph Musngi

      I feel you

  90. Ber

    I never got to say goodbye.
    *to my father who passed away from cirrhosis.*

    1. Rudolph Musngi


  91. byedaddy

    It’s OK to let go Dad.

  92. Sara

    Mom I’m home. An empty house.

  93. Xiphiguy

    Only thought about crying out, “stop!”

  94. Hevinci

    “Welcome Home!”, he’d never hear.

  95. Brujo

    Plagiarized a master, they’re so pathetic

  96. Legolas

    They’re taking the Hobbits to Isengard

  97. C Taylor

    That’s because of President Sarah Palin.

    1. Rose Green

      I feel the chills of an alternate reality!

  98. Surge

    Cried until the guilt was unbearable

  99. Surge

    His last words asked for forgiveness

  100. Surge

    Never apologized, now it’s too late

  101. Dakotah

    “I’ve never loved you” he thought.

  102. AJ

    Daddy, don’t go, the taperecorder repeated.

    1. Dan

      As a father of three that works away from home a lot, this struck a cord. Well done.

  103. Kyhan

    The Princess is in another castle.

    1. Dani Dollface

      YES, YES, YES!

    2. sana

      This is so deep and sad

  104. Jesse canyon

    he finally got sober, by overdose

    1. LilGeekGal

      T_T in the feels…

  105. BasedProd

    Found life by hide-n-seek.

  106. chass

    Pain. She wonders why he hits.

  107. Thor Fjalar

    End is near. Here it comes.

  108. Spaceman Eddie

    Now Jenner is a woman’s name.

    1. Rudolph Musngi

      Oh my god. You won the Internet today!

  109. Bellaisa

    Paramedics finished her text, “…love you”. was the saddest one for me. I think about trying to tell my husband I love him at the end often. (I think I need to tweak my imagination a bit!)

    He slowly died full of regrets.

    1. Rudolph Musngi

      Just picturing the scene in my mind makes me sad :(

  110. Kat

    Exhales final breath. No man left.

    (A story of war and indifference.)

  111. Hanbam

    it’s the first day of forever

  112. fred

    One Step. One fall. One life

  113. Jay R. P

    Needle in. He spasms. Justice done?

  114. Greg Smith

    “Outlived them all; friends died young.”

    1. didi

      You are right on me 75 me no close friend left

  115. Kimepoo

    Bedroom door opened; diary lock broken

  116. Mike

    No she was cleaning the gun.

  117. HonkeyDorey

    She watched them stick his arm.

    (Death sentence.)

    1. Garthim Herder

      She saw the needle end him.

  118. emilY

    for sale: baby shoes, never worn.

    1. Seriously?

      I hope you aren’t attempting to claim this as your own.

  119. RichJayBitch

    Rush to the loo. Too late.

  120. Russ

    Kissed my father one last time

  121. With windchill, negative eight thousand.... million.

    With windchill effect, negative sixty eight

  122. J_Dog

    Slide into first, feel something burst.

    1. britney


  123. bob mechling

    “I love you”…her last note…

  124. Choodle

    Decree Absolute today. Free at last.

  125. Harsh

    Sometimes it was sometimes. Now, never.

    1. light-dead

      Love this one.

      1. harsh


  126. Dave

    Bloody roses. Jackies tears. Camelot gone.

  127. Me

    They told me it was terminal.

  128. katesvoiceisthefinestkind

    The bus roared off, laptop inside.

    1. HA

      Now, this has to be the saddest one. 😀

  129. C. Taylor

    I used to feed my puppy.

  130. C.Vandelay

    She stared. He never saw her

  131. Big D

    some of thiese are really weird. but some are pretty good.

  132. James Smith

    She made no sound. She jumped.

    (true story)

    1. Rean John Uehara

      Oh man, that sounded grim..

      1. James Smith

        Grim does not cover it. She was my wife.

        1. Hamish

          Oh James, so sorry :(

    2. Hamish


    3. Louisa Ellingham

      James–My son as well. That way.

    4. Justino

      No sound. She jumped. True story.

  133. Graydon A.

    Baby’s bassinet for sale. Never used.

    1. Miles

      Why not just rip off the original entirely? You’re only a couple words off.

    2. Joe

      Wonder where you got the inspiration for that one…

    3. jg

      No creative options. Copying is easier.

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