Describe This Picture 1

We asked then anonymous netizens to describe, in 10 words or less, how the photo above made them feel. Below is what we got.

Share yours in the comments section, perhaps?

1. Meeting an old friend you haven’t seen in five years.

– Julian

2. It makes me want to grab some Kit Kat.

– Jenny

3. A very beautiful mess, just like my life.

– Rhonda

4. Sitting there would be lonely. But peaceful kind of lonely.

– Trevor

5. Like the eyes of my ex, lovely but cold.

– Jeremy

6. Hahahaha I’m too high for this shit, man.

– The Dark Knight (he wanted to be credited as The Dark Knight)

7. Nostalgic, although I can’t quite place it if it’s good.

– Samantha

8. Chilling sensation followed by a realization that you’re alone.

– John

9. I’d be 90, sitting here, waiting to meet my maker.

– Tatiana

10. My parents met in a place like this one. Lovely.

– Edward

Don’t forget to share yours below!

Photo by Rula Sibai

Rean John Uehara

It's hard being a single father, but I really wouldn't know because I don't have kids. I'm a writer, web developer, cat lover, and I earn money by making people want to do things.

This Post Has 7 Comments

  1. Lin

    So tired and I need to sit. Ugh, wet bench.

  2. Ayesha

    He says I am happy. I smile. I am happy.

  3. Fall D

    Sitting down there with you’re love and suddenly in turned out to be a doom

  4. Surge

    I waited for her, then never saw her again

  5. Pakboy

    I will turn off my i-phone and mute my self for a while.

  6. Lyle Waller

    “10 words or fewer”

  7. Freddie

    As lovers we embrace as the leaves fall upon us.

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